[FREE] Roddy Ricch x Gunna Type Beat 2019 – Capable | @yunglando_

[FREE] Roddy Ricch x Gunna Type Beat 2019 – Capable | @yunglando_

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Blog Comments

Nigga you make type beats that a rapper not finna rap to trash ass rap beat. ???????

This is a bad beat Yando. Sorry about all the pussy rappin’ yesterday ?

How much to purchase this beat?

I want to purchase this beat @Yung Lando

Yo it es fletch anda I’m put yoo to da test, no nun sense like Ron Reagan, scorin tha game winna like Tyler seguin, other pussy cats front butt they just fakun, at tha poker table I da one steady rakin, swipe tha grands wid my gogo gadget Robert parish hands, and wun a sucka rat turn tha corner an tryta jack I am tha trap, man, I hondle my own biz don’t even need cheese wiz an tha haters steddy stay pist, they lady beg oh fletch ples stop but I sho no mercy, rats like fooball I catch em all like Percy, tongue hangun out gwot a lil bit of a lisp butt I jus a playa cat wit a twist, quik on my toes an befor u kno I dissapeer thru tha mist, every day an ev nite it a fight to stay alive, butt I a animal onlee kno how to survive, sho I like tha finer things an plush pilwos, but wun ther iz salmon o tuna to score it uz just time ta g o ya kno ? Y’all aimt got no idea wut it like bein kitty! Same comet tha killed the dinosaurs made us itty bitty Ya hear me!? ? ?

this beat fire i def wanna get this but i wanna add it in the 5 for 5 deal.. how would i go about doing that?

I’m a young rapper looking for a producer I can’t find one so if anyone is interested hit me up on Instagram @_.yktv.joal._

I wanna use this free shiit as non profit use, kuz this would go hard for my next shit comin out ????

Lando made the track, so u know we bout to turn up

All i got is cash what csrds can i buy from the store to buy the beat (which card companies work on the site)

“Free for listening purposes” tf does that mean?

Hey anyone reading this I’m a 25 year old song writer singer and rapper also produce my own music im going to be the greatest to ever walk this earth after Jesus.

One o the best beats ive heard how much for it?

? ? fo anyone reading this I genuinely hope you’re doing okay, I am a 2 year old producer from next door looking for people to check my stuff, thanks ????

j'aime ce beat je debute et j'ai vraiment besoin de vos conseil pourrait vos m'aidé


New era beats are way to similar

Diabetic midget

Diabetic midget guess that what I am
Don’t got any likes on the Instagram
Barley 5 feet but it’s okay
Got more wishes on my birthday

Lil pump that’s what I got
I ain’t afraid to get a few shots
Think ur the goat ur really not
Honestly no boys got the hots

CGM on my right arm
Spent 10 racks on a diamond charm
Ice in my veins by my forearm
Stay away, drop the fire arm

Pump it’s on my ass
Can’t tell on me we ain’t in class
Say that to me i ain’t weak like glass
Toot my own horn it is brass

In the jag I’m switching lane
Look at me not the one to blame
U think ur cool but ur really a snitch
Just watch out cuz carmas a bitch

Shawty wanna pull up to my nest
Always strapped up bullet proof vest
Homie put on house arrest
Man never realized I was blessed

Called up to pre
Can’t take nothin from me
See life through 3-d
Oh Man U just gotta agree

Got the whole world at my hand
God had it all planed
Promised and placed my right hand
Finally everything was grand

Hello earthling , would you mind sparing a min to check my music

Thanks ??peace among worlds??

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