(FREE) Roddy Ricch x Gunna Type Beat 2019 – "Drown" | HARD Trap Instrumental

(FREE) Roddy Ricch x Gunna Type Beat 2019 – "Drown" | HARD Trap Instrumental

(FREE) Roddy Ricch x Gunna Type Beat 2019 – "Drown" | HARD Trap Instrumental

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(FREE) Roddy Ricch x Gunna Type Beat 2019 – “Drown” | Hard Trap Instrumental

Beat Title: Drown
BPM: 151
Key: G Minor
Produced by: Noah Cuz & Malik Elijah

#roddyricchtypebeat #gunnatypebeat #hardtypebeat

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Blog Comments


Noah can I use you beat? As long I put your name and give you credit it’s ok?

nice bass and beat new sub

I ain’t wanna do it to’m
I ain’t wanna beat’m in they own game
I ain’t wanna prove it to’m
Switchin’ up the music like a cold flame
I ain’t here to ride a wave
They only listen to me cause I’m so nice
I ain’t here to die today
Switching up the music like some hot ice

Till im international known
For these radical flows
See me back on the globe
Like I’m Michael Jackson, I glow.
I got reasons for intervening
Eating, I got the seasoning
Meaning that I’ve been seasoned
for seasons I’ll have‘m cheesing
I’m ready for opposition
Ready I’m on a mission
I’m venting so come and listen
I glisten with propositions
Of what they know, what it used to be, and what it should
How it go. Now they only hoping if its good
So now I’m in the booth I’m lettin’ loose
If I have to
I’ll be the only one bearing fruits
If they rap too
I hope they bout it or get the noose
Cause I been with it if they listening
Let them hear the truth

https://soundcloud.com/eric-jay_10/action I credited you bc this beat was lit asf!

I’m gonna use this

Le buzz on s’y fait
Moi j’aurai tout donnée
Le jour ou t’arrêtera de sniffer il ira mieux ton nez

Ça va mal tourner si un jour on est face à face
Fait moi confiance j’ai laissé aucune trace
Vas falloir que tu le fasse
Avant qu’on te chasse

J’me lève j’met le joggo
Je suis fatigué
Dans ma tête sa fait des tonneaux
Sacoche LV toi même tu sais

Là je suis plus en confiance
J’te raconte mes confidences
Dit moi ce que t’en pense
J’ai jamais eu beaucoup de chance

Mauvaise humeur le ciel est gris
Pour me calmer rien que j’écrit
Ma peine je l’a cri
Personne entend c’est triste

Putain beaucoup de Faux culs
Mais de quoi tu t’occupe
Dans le tiek’ sa pue
J’vais m’éloigner la j’suis déçu

L’album écrit dans ma chambre
Si tu pense que ta une chance
Et maintenant que j’y pense
Sur mon son tu danse
Bang bang bang

the timer on the screen does not match the one on youtube

I made a beat like this a little while ago

it's similar to this

this is hard… so dope vibe ever👍👍 What monitor speakers do you use? Keep it up!!

Could I remix the beat? I'll be sampling the intro, so your tags would not be in there. I'll give you credits in the title though.

IM gonna use this! Thanks so much I subbed

I used this for my rap I credited u🔥


Nike Music

what’s your insta ? want to talk about linking up on a song

Nice beat long time


Can i use this beat on my song?
i love it

can me and my friend use this for a disstrack? we are doing this for fun.

If I use this track could I email you the finished product for you to post on your account ? That way you can gain extra profit and I can gain attention for my music ??? Win-win??

Hot beat. +1 from France

Noah if only you could hear my lyrics to this omg (want me to show you on insta?) it’s 🔥 and my name’s Elijah so when they said Elijah I was like ?????? 😂

can you plz check out my beat?? 🙂

Can I use for my music bro?

Can i use it in my video???


Free to use. Lmk what you think

Yo this beat is sick!! Can I use this for a song? I'll give you big time creds

Definitely making a song I’m crediting you of course 😂🔥🔥 Bc it wouldn’t be possible without you

I love this beat I making a song with it and I will let people know it's you

ᴍᴜsɪᴄ ᴋᴀᴇғ 🐋 (P O R thttps://VK.com/portmuz M U Z)🖤



wut kick is this bruh

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