[FREE] Roddy Ricch x Lil Baby Type Beat – "Cobra" | Free Type Beat

[FREE] Roddy Ricch x Lil Baby Type Beat – "Cobra" | Free Type Beat

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[FREE] Roddy Ricch x Lil Baby Type Beat – “Cobra” | Free Type Beat

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Blog Comments

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this shit hard i aint spitting no lie
summer time ya no better time grind
if you not about this pause this and go offline
I want a rollie so im making my time

can w easdada

this beat is pretty good I gota say

Lit ?

Its sound like that guna gana be on it

Yess sirr

I tried to do a young thug type best just posted on my channel ???

Great video! keep it up ?



I like this one alot

Can I use this

The Kick really hits on this one, Subbed! sub back if you can much love

Try to brake my heart
It'll be hard to break
Try to brake my heart
It'll be hard to break
Just waiting for your heart
How long do I gotta wait
You've loved me from the start
We never had no hate
I can't lie you look great
Don't even try it's just how your made
Perfectly formed girl you are amazing
We could ride around by the beach go stargazing ya
Who woulda knew


Kobra Od Contraband Czasami Pegi 7+



I’m a new rapper can u hit me up and we can work things out

1) Remember the days I was lost in the shadows my demons all blinded my sensory-
2) Left in the pool of the stranger's regrets I was slowly just bleeding out all of my memories.
3) My soul and my body they come in a pair and they coded up like an old prophecy-
4) That's why im lyrically sharin my story and hopin they'll all think about my philosophy.

All lil baby beats don’t have guitars bro

Any chance of it’s risk involved believing the reward was worth the mission until some the soldiers came up missing victories sometimes shared alone to much pain to make even a junkie Moan life grips getting tighter I’m still fighter

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