[FREE] Roddy Ricch x Lil Baby Type Beat – "Gamble" | Free Type Beat

[FREE] Roddy Ricch x Lil Baby Type Beat – "Gamble" | Free Type Beat

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[FREE] Roddy Ricch x Lil Baby Type Beat – “Gamble” | Free Type Beat

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? Purchase Link ? https://traktrain.com/contraband#367391

can w easdada

subbed after this banger

Lit ?

Can i use this on soundcloud?

Great video! keep it up ?

crazy melody ! ? I'm a rapper looking for beats, message me if u sell this instrumenal G ?

Dope ass beat

Can I use this for a video?? i will credit you for the beat? this is amazing bro!

yo you got mad potential! you have dope music! Subscribe back!

Pies – Halloween Refren Ludzie To Dynia Na Halloween Kurde Wiem Dynia

another banger bro??

HARD ??? we gotta Collab brother

Yo Contraband your shit goes hard af shlime!??❤️??

Da flute do ???

Just dropped my new single "Mmm" on my channel go check it out, would love to collab

Yes I can

One of my new favorites. Love your stuff fam!

Nice ! ?

Amazing ?

This some Fire, 100 .

I need to get this beat email me the info

Gamble wit death. I call shots like a ref. I’ll open ya eyes like it’s meth I put life to the test. And put scars on my flesh. Yo. Popping that x, got me the best. I’m no longer depressed. But I’m still so stressed. But fuck it. Long as puffin on that gas I’ll never go back to my fucked up past. So. I just take this blunt up to the head an get fucked up fast.

Im vibin! You should check out my stuff too

This is dope af! +1 sub from me! hope u can check out my beats! bless <3

Dope! I just made this channel could I have feedback?

Again and again

If I buy the beat would it stay say the Tag so many times?

On Wychodzi Pegi 12+

Crazy ??☄️

this is a dope ass beat bruh

this music nice!

300 pound monster going insane
Mental in the brain
Here we go again
Look coming with these lyrics
God damn I'm fearless
Walked in the game
With a good head on my shoulder
Big Mike bout to take over
Tryna run up a bag
Never gonna lag
If you hating
That mean you always sad
Fuck out my face
Before I catch a case
Quit all that talking
You just taking up too much space
Damn you done let the beast go
Time to kill this beat
With a killer flow
Money be the mission
I grew up with nothing in the kitchen
Had to grind
Felt like I was punching the clock
It felt like I was working 9 to 5
I remember all them sleepless nights
But since I've been rapping
My shit done took flight

Run up a check and get wet
Walk through like I am the best – est
pull it out then you digest
then i watch you get undressed
get the doe then re-invest
see the girl she is the best – est
want the cash i am obsessed
run up a check and get wet
run up a check and get wet
run up a check and get wet
feelin the vibe, walking through life, like i am beast shit
fuck is you lying, im on the climb, dont come to me bitch
makin the cash, then i go splash, up in gucci shit.

shits, shits fuckin easy, how many minutes do you think it took to write this fucking brief shit
when its on site its a different story i wont let you keep shit.

Nice man love that flute ?

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