[FREE] run away | LIL PEEP TYPE BEAT (prod born hero)

[FREE] run away | LIL PEEP TYPE BEAT (prod born hero)

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Sehabe yalnızlık

Isss melvooni

Can I use this for a rap video I’ll give you full credit

Came here from ray rockman

hey ya'll i'm new to making beats if you could just a min to check me out Id appreciate it.

Thinking bout chu girl I can’t help the fact that I do it, all the times I coulda changed but I blew it, maybe that’s god telling me I can’t do it maybe that’s god telling me to pursue it, cause I got this passion for rappin and music, and I gotta snap into action and use it, I’m sorry girl I hope you feel what I’m doing, and I’m sorry that I made some things real confusing, I hope you feel what I say through my music, and when you find happiness pls don’t abuse it cause that’s when you’re losing…


Yo Born Hero. I rapped over this song. It's called "Abigail And DayDreams". Can u check it out? Ik I killed that shit I hit it lyrically hard but you produced it so i feel like u should hear it.

Can I buy

I always think about you when I smoke
Ever since you went down that road
I been hopeless, I hope you notice, I wanted more love i wanted more focus
I am still drunken, I hope we’re still running, I’m looking for you in this dark room
Cut my heart and leave a wound, My clothes still smell like your perfume,
I was trying to be your groom
But I assumed you were true
But you lied, that night and I cry
Why? Would I trust you for the rest of life
So much strife, Till the day I die, between these walls
what should I do if I fall
I know I’ll answer if you call
I been going through withdrawals, I’m still drawn to you
Every picture I draw, every image that I saw
I might as well forget it all, your nails feel like claws
Love the taste of your jaws, fighting with my demons
I’m finna brawl
When I die between these walls
What should I do if I fall
I know I’ll answer if you call
I’m going through withdrawals
Between these walls, I want to forget it all
There’s no applause, there’s no way to pause
Life moves on
And you’re still gone
You were the one
But now, between these walls
Fall down
Between these walls
When I die between these walls
What should I do if I fall
I know I’ll answer if you call
I’m going through withdrawals
Between these walls, I want to forget it all

I just wanna be myself
근데 거기에 답이 없는 게 문제
다가가려해도 걘 내
속만 보고 자리를 떴네
I just wanna helping hand
그렇게 상처받기 싫어 떠나온 이 자리엔
남은 건 이제 상처와 추운 공기기에
난 다시 또 어떻게 해야할질 몰라
이런 내가
어디서 병신이든 뭐든
그냥 씨발 무시하고 연락 안했으면 어디 좀 덧나?
난 지금까지 내가 내껄 꾸며왔고 그 때 연락
을 안받았으면 이렇게 또 되진 않을텐데
다시 또 싸워서 불편해지길 원해
그때 난 떠나

내가 너한테 보인 게
관심이 아니라 집착이였다니
그걸 알면서도 몰랐어
근데 아마 내가 처음부터 마음을 너무 열어놨었나봐
넌 어차피 거기까지 오지도 않는데
넌 어차피 지금까지 가사에 써논
개새끼들과도 다를 바 없는데

gabriel rodrigues _ me perdoa



Rest In Peace Gustav "Lil Peep" Ahr

Can I have this beat?


What means free can i take this beat ?

Boşluğu kovala , kafanı duvara
Vurunca bisey degismiyo, geriye bakarak
Gecelere kendimi adadım,aranızdan sıyrılarak
Ben hep dişimi tirnagima takarak
Zorladım yaşamaya çalıştım
Geçmişe bakınca midem bulandi
Sen git de kafanı yatistir
O boktan alkolunle,saçma geliyodu ihtimaller
Belkide halim sizden beter
Koyamadı beni bi kefeye düzen
Umrumda değildi hiç beni üzen
Hiç umudumda yoktu zaten
Hayat göz kamaştırır aynen
Bende inanırdım buna bazen
Herşey düzelecek beyaz bi sayfa
Ve sevaplarla dolu bi gemide kaptan
Geride kalanlar var,inanmam lafına
Intihar sonrası yalanlar 🙂

Se você não pode me ouvir,ru gritarei da escuridão
a cada lágrima cair,só me verá sumir pra fugir da depressão

This song its so cool and sad


love this beat. Glad I finally got to put out what I did with it on soundcloud

Silence is rising, I am a drug, I am hypnotizing,
Looking at the skies in different colors,
These eyes dont see anymore they are sorrow,
Maybe that star in the sky is the one I will live on, being aware for what we lived for,
Laughing at us, how stupid we were to disrespect ourselves, our nature, our emotions and how we played out each other in the most evil ways,
I just hope one day you "humans" will understand, but do not take it for granted that you are safe…..

don't wanna die alone someone to call my own
her arms was my home but now she's gone
was it worth it in the end I know im not perfect
no shit slit on my wrist cause I aint shit
just a misfit all of you can suck my dick
move slick like rick moving these bricks
why did you go away I wish you stayed
I wanna fly away to a better place
city is a maze I wanna fly away maybe someday
can't wait till I die

Pain on my mind and I won't giveup
Sometimes i don't want to wakeup

Still grinding???

Hoy fue un mal día
Yo no sabía
Que esa mujer me arruinaría la vida
Juraba y pensaba que me cambiaría
Pero es así es esto es parte de la vida
Que aparezcan personas con malas vibras
Y ahora encerrado buscando salida
Después de que hice de todo para que sonrías y verte crecer cada día
Y es así como me las pagas tú me engañaste y yo te amaba
Me levantaste pero pa nada
Hubiese querido que nada pasara
Pero finalmente
No entiendo este destino
Quisiera no haberte topado aquella vez en mi camino
Ahora todo recuerdo
La noche en copas de vino
Tú hermosa en ese vestido
La accion que luego tuvimos
La casa la recorrimos
Las palabras que nos dijimos
Los te amo entre gemidos
Y ahora tú te me has ido

im just crazy in the brain chemicle inbalence man im going insain
world full of critiqes so im showing my pain

loose leaf smoke and im high like a plain

gotta icy rist and a watch with my name

i dont give a fuck coz i think that lifes a game

i dont give a fuck coz i think my life is lame

i dont give a fuck and fuck you to

fuck a copper

bring love to my crew

There is a black kid who made a song to this beat I can't find it anywhere plz help

I got lyrics for it

Lyrics-Runaway touch the light say goodbye and I'll say goodnight it's now my time I'm gone tonight I'll say goodbye for the last time

Waste of time my whole life I can run but I cant hide from death inside I'll take my life for you tonight I'll sing my love and rest tonight

if I say goodbye will you ever cry for my fight in line I stay all night a write my song getting drunk off you tonight and I cant stop running to but my heart stop working dude I get that I'm that fluke that guy you left that's true but y should I even be alive if you

Sadstantion Ola abg pela sua beat .

Alguém Br? Pode me Ajudar indo no meu canal blz inscreva-se lá thauuu ótimo dia para vc

I record my new track on this beat?

717 ? have never found truth in the dark.

Vengo prolongando sufrimiento, cada vez que me entrometo. Miento si digo que no siento, al tenerte cerca me vuelvo vulnerable, eres esa persona destinada a amar toda una vida. ¿Sabes lo que siento al no tenerte ya conmigo? ¿Sabes como me maldigo todo el tiempo por equivocarme con vos? Tuve todo, y a la vez perdi todo.
No entiendo, como te entrometes en mi mente. Instalaste una carpa y te quedaste ahi, sin permiso robaste mi corazon.
Intento olvidarte pero como olvidar a alguien por cual vives tu vida.

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