[FREE] Tay-K Type Beat 2017 – "SCOPE" (Prod. by CorMill) | Trap Instrumental

[FREE] Tay-K Type Beat 2017 – "SCOPE" (Prod. by CorMill) | Trap Instrumental

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can i use this for non profit?

This hard you gone blow 🔥

Can I use

Always thought the producer tag said cornmeal

That's Not My Twin, That's My Brother, Yeah Already have Each Other Talking To Your Mother So Much To The Point That I Love Her I Got 2,4,6,8,10,12,14 Bands You Talk Too Much, You gonna Ruin My Game Plans I have nothing to say Man (Yah) Watch Me Pull up with the scope , Choppa With A Beam It Just Got Cold , Why You Crying Over Diamonds , Can You Please Stop Wildin Because You're Only 17 and Still Wear Diapers

Anyone hear from my first school brawl from young Don the sauce for?

In my opinion this is Cormill’s best beat

они скалят зубы

My drip so way a

Lately by Trenchmobb has this beat

Who wanna collab

Челси любит меня ей не нужны те бабки
Челси знает меня, и хочет эти бланты
Кузов строго land croser
А дом на вайнвуд
И я забыл про эти траблы

Челси любит меня ей не нужны те бабки
Челси знает меня, и хочет эти бланты
Кузов строго land croser
А дом на вайнвуд
И я забыл про эти траблы

Gang so bless и я подсел на этот гэс
да мой брик это весомый аргументс
Мы не носим фенди прада, дольдже сука ингбана
Мы простые парни с блока и нам многого не надо

Я не помню как тебя зовут, подожди ещё 5 минут (5 минут)
Я взорву, скручу ещё один, а после backpack будет полностью забит

Они скалят зубы lil morty

I love your beats.🔥🔥🔥💯💯

I just subscribed to your channel do the same bro. Keep up the good work

Return the love- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbEvAhI7mIRxo0ScNNsmL3w

I come from the belly of the beast,lay yo bitch upon my sheets, I'm bout to dive in it real deep, I gotta leave the pussy weak, i gotta leave the pussy wet, you better watch out where you step , you crossing paths with me homie I dont think you did the reps, all of you out here just to flex , that fake ass jewerly on yo neck, instead of buying that you need to buy yo ass another check , but i dont really mean to boast . but ya ass is just joke , who out here taught you how to roast , i keep the flames coming out my throat, and spread it all across the coast. You didnt know i was the goat . You didnt know you want me most. You would txt once and then you ghost . but i would keep myself afloat, im just not about to cry , dont know who told you that lie. I Just kiss yo ass goodbye, see u in another life, on my mission thru the strife, mental sharper than a knife, out here trappin aint got no job , out here deep riding with the mob,pockets sitting fatter than a hog , stay strapped they be out here robbin,in the stu keepin my head bobbin

Bitch Think me a og bitch im only sixteen we in the car rollin 6 deep talkin shit the yappa finna scream make you sleep put you in the ground 6 feet

Niggas talk shit & they say..they gon catch a bitch, face to face, they gon twitch, like a liver..take a sip, start tweakin', I'mma leak… All my videos, grab my coat, Smoking on a stove, Got Some O.E..bout to start telling stories, had to find the time shit was boring,

55 years…………

Can u make me a free beat plz bc im tryna get famous ive been here for 3 years man plz help me

Let me get this beat cor

Mon neck est heavy comme le fils du jugeeeeeeeee

latelyyyyy i said latelyy
#TrenchMobb JR007 x Sosa

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Over day and night


Check my song out, leave an honest comment. Thanks 🙏🏿 https://youtu.be/W6YeqGJvjHU

can't wait to see tay k in 2065.


edit: 2064 lmao sorry

KILLED This Tay K type beat CHECK IT OUThttps://soundcloud.com/fredvanzel/get-back


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