FREE "Thinking About You" J. Cole ft. Kendrick Lamar Type Beat | Chill Instrumental

FREE "Thinking About You" J. Cole ft. Kendrick Lamar Type Beat | Chill Instrumental

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? new J. Cole ft. kendrick lamar type beat / instrumental 2019 – “thinking about you” 85 bpm

Art by Lugamtaf
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Blog Comments


This right here ???


I got the angel on my shoulder but the devil prevailed
They said you'll get in when you're older but that ships been sailed
Doubt that the world could much colder fire up in my soul has burned through
but it'll be much warmer in hell

Everything I spit is so fire like a write with a Bic
no Nic Cage but I could be your ghost writer (rider) making the list
cause I been making like a plumber dealing with all this shit
but I don't got a single fan that it could even go and hit

You wanna be one of my producers ?

dope af

Boo Boo!!!????

I been thinking about you,
I can't focus on a single thang,
Your voice hypnotized my soul.


thinking about you … the letter U !!! ??

Yo Lucid you need to see what I created with your beat its on my channel, your beat inspired me make the song and story as well?

Bro…there is no hiding it anymore. This talent is TOO different??? ?

I like.

Only God
Could create the world in a flash

And bring it back from collapse
spread the universe vast
and on the seventh relax
We try and build a better tomorrow
But it dont ever last
So we fuel up and attack
Watch it all fade to black
Everything you ever loved
Slippin through the cracks

Tell me what is there to gain from a war?
You could have the whole world and still want more
Start a world war
And pray for the encore

I jus' want it where you grabbin' K's out tha' safe
Keep it 1 hunnit' wit' chu' every bill uh' blueface
Just keep doin' you I'm gon' make sure we straight
Buy you tight designer clothes that accentuate ya' body shape
But first things first before i get carried away
How bout' chu' pick you out uh' house wit' uh' white picket gate

This beat on repeat ??

Drums knockin so niceeeeee?


Nice vibes yo I love it.


Low calm and chill, lucid never disappoints

Ayy feeling it bro you give me the permission to upload? ?

really dope

Thia vibe is awesome???? liked

Be Easy my G!

Awesome type beat

It's litt

go beat

Good shit man.
Liked for later ?

always a banger!!!

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