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Sample by : Rand0m Beats

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This beat is something else <3

Darme permiso de usarlo dandote tus créditos?

Never wanted to feel loved I feel nauseous
Ima get to the big bucks I make profit
My emotions you lift up
Got no option

Probably the best beat I've ever heard. Always playing it…

nice Guitarr ?????

With permission I will use broh

this is a rly good beat dude!!!

shooter495 ?

она любит пить мою кровь всегда,


help me where prehook and hook start?

i guess im stuck she dont give a fuck go outside and duck i dont give a fuck i guess i number one for that kind of stuff snort it and i push buttons on explode its getting dirty in my home bitchs wanna fuck i aint got no time just look i gave my love a crumb she never gave me thumb im feeling like a bum because i got no more mons i just want a drug pulling on my plug dieing when im crunk heavy on the junk that makes a junkie no one

i just want to be someone
have someone elses baby for once
so does my friend because
shes all we really love
i remember when i was slump
prep girls come for fun

and i am not so dumb i think i want here bum gootchi and im gucci feeling like a gun shooting over none we aint got a blunt but we smoke on one time and time it comes adding up our sums i like lots of drugs got me feeling snug i could give a fuck if i running out of luck i dont let that self destruct fuck on no one thats when i pull my plug tell that girl from the bar im pulling things apart and i dont want no one that makes a junkie no one

Stuck In Love With A Dove

Can't I be something more, shit it'z coz you're what I adore
Some time in a short ride through the night
Travel the shore and watch you smile
I want to hold your heart coz I'm wanting to watch you fly
It's hard coz I can't understand why
Let go of your life, when you feel the time has come to look out at the sky
The clouds look high, but you could sit there
How nice you would feel in the air
Free bird, you don't have to say a single word
I want what's best for your world
Don't be scared, I'm wanting to share
I know that's unfair, but I care
I know it hurts, but I'm in love with your fairy tail
The words that make out your life barely tell
I want to work on making it better here

I want to find a treasure
Forever in my eyes I'll love her
Bury my heart in the sand and let me hold her hand
That chance at loving again I feel it in this girl

Ik this Sample. Very lit♧

Really into it lovely ??..

Good shit bro definitely vibe music

you think that im stuck in lovveuh
more like love stuck in me yuh

This slaps, that melody has such a dope vibe and those drums match perfectly ?

insane man



Fire as usual. Really like the background bits, so many tempos one can go.

did u sample a real guitar or did u use a vst ?
and nice work man.

Ohhh goood

Holy s… ?

Why is this that good? Are you from our planet?

What about some hard like zilakkami,smokerpurpp,lil pump etc or even drake or travis ? ♥

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