FREE "Troubled" Logic ft. Kendrick Lamar Type Beat (Prod. Lucid Soundz x Origami)

FREE "Troubled" Logic ft. Kendrick Lamar Type Beat (Prod. Lucid Soundz x Origami)

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? new logic ft. kendrick lamar type beat / instrumental 2019 – “troubled”

Produced By Origami x Lucid Soundz
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Blog Comments

i remmeber when we collabed last time bro u had 4 k subs and i had 2 we come a long way bro?

Me and my boy finna DESTROY this

reminds me of hopsin the ill mind where he taks about his son

yo did by any chance u get the inspiration for the melody from ill mind of hopsin?

Did someone just claim this beat after purchasing it? ?

I grew up wit no emotion raised in a home that was broken turned to the streets then the violence came in waves like the ocean started gun totin blunt rollin o flipin fukkn thottys bad bitches dwn to party pop that pussy like a molly anything to forget I wasn’t a homebody cuz the love came from nobody

This rides so smooth. I'd like it 100 times if I could

This sounds like a Carny beat. Like im at a Carnival ?

Holy fuck I never knew y'all collabed I'm late as fuck wtf this shit go so hard

Yeah i kno I've made my mistakes
But im man enough to say them today
Yeah I gotta play my part
So I'm speaking from the heart
U won't kno if u dnt feel the same

I went to his page i dont understand it can somebody explain to me the different types of lease for the beat.

Is copyright???

This instrumental is so amazing in more ways than i can describe

Gonna use this soon dude

Can I use this ? Fr I wrote some fire to it ???

Never discuss Cheese with rats,
Never make moves with the snakes through the grass, Never break bread with the birds cuz if anything's worse it's betrayal on your trust, nigga that's a fact, cuz anything you say can n will be used against you, fuck new friends they wanna wreck you, jealous of the things you got they won't accept you, they try to drop you from your spot they tryna end you,

I made a track to this if yall wanna check it out. Soundcloud : Zey Henny – Thot-tee

hope y'all dig what I did to the beat

You never stop suprising me keep up the good work!

Hooked me with the crow

i sang morning after by mac miller to this


Aye fam I made a song in one of your beats and it’s ???

SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE PLEASE!!! Will subscribe back and watch videos !!! Please and thanks

This is fire my boi great work

Amazing!!! This is what the game needs. A breath of fresh air!

Fuckin great work guys FR

bro very interesting sound selection, keep it up

Anyone know what rymes with iron

liked and subbed, return the love

I'm speechless yo

I can’t ever get a foot hold
Every time I do the scene slips out of view
You’d understand if you were in my shoes
I just don’t know what to do

You say you care
But when I need you most you aren’t there
I’m feeling empty as jack
Back to the lab
To write what I have to deal with
I wish I could feel a heart beating

i can honestly say that i have changed for the better.
despite all your efforts to try to bring me down,now
i got a smile on face as big as a child who wants to make a difference .
we all move at our own pace but listen .
time waits for no one so umm i guess thats all
if you got any question dont hesitate to call
at 815…….nevermind rewind what i said.
i know what yall thinking,im out of my head
or this n*GGA gets slept on more than a bed but dont mind me im just sitting here lonely

LUCID AND ORIGAMI?!?! Straight heat guys awesome work ??❤️?

Amazing ??

hey bro open your email I inboxed you about a. beat

Yo go check out my latest track to this

They are …….who..ever it is …that "they" is ? Costantly picking on an at me like what i m to them in thier state of reality is a picnic…it sickens me to think to describe to you what it feels like to me is that what i m like is a clock in metaphor sorda speak for a lack of orther words that never ever stops i m just sadly an simply slipping or better yet or put ticking away when i dont even feel when i do not feel that i m even breathing at all i mean shit I m not even speaking i feel i m just sitting here .. it is my best guess i guess up to this point anyway its as if i m in some sorda vegetated state an just simply sitting ticking tho no … talking….. its the kind of feeling u would get if u could just imagine your self as nothing nothing more than merely grains of sand thats sifting swiftly shifting or crossing over to the orther side of an hour glass Which leads me to belive that what this here is is just me maybe dreaming because its as if im sleeping which could only mean that im becoming partialy lucid in multi demensions maybe just maybe then what this all really is is me maybe experiencing a death one of many i must of died idk really to be honest withall of u…i just cant put my finger on it..but i do not even feel that i even have any fingers and i can not feel or count any of toes so what this must be or truly is …is me transcending …..seems to be to me conclusive if its based off all the evidence.. i still wont take the stand tho…not even as a witness not even if its me testifying on behalf in my own defense to me its really senseless i will just take an offensive approach to thi an beat on it until its dead cause really what i have realized while i have been sharing my thougts with all of u.. finally is that conciously my only opponent that i have been facing off with through out my entire exsistece is really only me its always just been myself i figured out this much for sure that truly its all in my can u belive it…u see the only enemy that i have had an been facing off with is my own refelection i figured out at minimum at least this much its just cause the only person that i ever see is me or at best slightly different versions of me cause what we r is all one or we r none that must mean that we r all one one man thats me thats always only looking back at me when i m looking at thé man that i m speaking up on thats also looking back at me every time it is that im looking into
The mirror

My mind is troubled i struggle to get up and bustle fuck breakfast and fuck the hustle man i dont know what is wrong with me. When did i become such a strong emcee? I can literally kill any beat given to me. God blessed me to be this killer emcee. Born in 303 thats denver city where i stay true to my city and committee. I get gritty when I'm spitting. And i need that c to keep these demons away from me. I'm hoping to leave them at bay like im cheefing and smoking jane on a boat with my bae floating on the open seas ye. Seriously, Aaryn is a hairy beast scaring emcess never fearing enemies shedding tears rarely happens to me

??? &???

I know a lot of y’all won’t read this but for those who do I appreciate it. My name is Sterling and I’m a rapper out of Washington state. I’ve been making music for about 3 years now and I believe that my style is different and has meaning to it that most rappers don’t bring. I’m working like crazy with my team to push projects out cause I wanna make this my living. If you check out my music leave a comment and tell a friend ??

God bless

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