FREE "Walk On By" J. Cole ft. Kendrick Lamar Type Beat

FREE "Walk On By" J. Cole ft. Kendrick Lamar Type Beat

FREE "Walk On By" J. Cole ft. Kendrick Lamar Type Beat

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? new j cole ft kendrick lamar type beat / instrumental 2019 – “walk on by” 150 bpm
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Blog Comments

roof of the Sistine
blood of the sixteen
i never feel the love
until after it hits me

im gonna grow. go get it
the flows are slow'n poetic
i heard the rings..
but there was no message

just an afterthought
up in this wonderland
watchin the white rabbit
tryna catch a clock

felt the aftershock
im that dog that
perks his ears up
whenever the master talks

stuck in the turn
always somethin ta learn
i've got that inner flame
but i've got nothin ta burn

im bouta read a scripture from the bible on this shit

Love is patient- and patience is virtual, Wanna die? Fall in love- that shit gon murder you, Getting split up- by the principle in high school,
Nobody cares what chu say til you die dude- I aint even stressin over someone that meant something cause they stuntin
I been out here brushin off the people that been bluffin- on the road with this blunt puffin- and these ties that I been cuttin-
Some of you thought I was jokin- Im sorry- I wasnt muffin

Love this beat

Girls tell me I look just like a male model .. hah ..
Then why the fuck do I still feel sorrow? .. nah ..
I ain't want your pussy – that's just a trip to pill bottles .. fuck
This world has made me one damn cold vanilla .. that Gelado

Let the blood flow as I get this dutch rolled crazy how many people I lost this year crazy how they out here killing motherfuckers when it shouldn't get that turbulent drama in live action in theaters soon we see something we copy it and share and assume


looking left and right,back and forward
wondering what is life i was hoping for more
looking what if i died would i meet the lord?
crazy in the mind doing all these chores
wonder what will i find if i open that door

Thank you for blessing us with this beat. I got some ice to this, tell me how cold it is…i got the hardest shit ever. Drugs, guns, and bitches…we on

How did anyone thumb this down

whats missing? is it my will for ignition? no kidding, thats the silver lining on my cloudy disposition – one fire ass line yall can take if ya understand

listen with a playback speed of 1.25!

wow amazing, and for free!!!

Made a record to this beat recently as an intro to my project, feel free to listen/comment/criticize, enjoyed making this.

u killed it bro, damn…. i like ur work! just subbed!

u can check some of my work as well if u don't mind, thanks <3

Lucid your beats are straight savage

Ok. had to sub. I write thought provoking lyrics & this vibe might work.

Thank you Lucid for creating this wavey ass beat??
☁️Listen to what we created with it.??

Love it

Check Out My Version!!?????

I wrote a song for this beat and threw it up on Soundcloud, check it out

Super Cool!

Super hot!

Heres a challenge: try to find 1 lyric in the comments without rhyming the word 'mind'

Ever since I was young it’s been my dream to make music and turn hearts and heads .. I’m a young beat maker from New Jersey and I’ve decided to put my dreams in action and start making beats … this is my dream guys … it’s the only talent I have that can take me some where . All I ask for is a piece of your time and a thumbs up … anything you guys can do for me gets me closer to my dream . Please give me a chance to show that I’m im worth it .. thank you guys. LETS SUPPORT EACHOTHER ❤️

aye bro I'm bout to record on this Wednesday ima send you wassup this is beautiful

I’m feeling fortified
Locked in a thought of mind
No one fort of I
I went n lost my pride
Stuck station as time walks by
Seconds spent seconds die
It’s just lost numbers of life

yo, can i use this in a soundcloud song?


Gözler kan sözler var haatta hiç geçmeyecek hafızadan

Great Beat!

what a beat!…frankly imma ride this one here

Ain't got no emotions cause these bitches made me cold, they broke my soul.
(Now I'm a lonely nigga on a lonely road with no where to go.)×2

jusy looped it 7 times in a row. really feelin this beat man

so if i buy the beat, will it get removed from youtube here? or do i just own the rights? how does it work, dont want to lease, I want to own it

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