Freya's Singing Tips: How to sing in WHISTLE REGISTER

Freya's Singing Tips: How to sing in WHISTLE REGISTER

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Learn how to sing in whistle register to expand your range on the top extensively!

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Blog Comments

I just started screaming on purpose ???

The fuckkkkk

My parrot is whistling away with me, she makes it sound easy ???

Mine is more like a screech

Omg this helped sooo much!!! I am, a mezo soprano with a range from G3 to D6 which as you can tell is pretty hight XD (my teacher helped me find that) a long term goal of mine is to be able to sing phantom of the opera and I found it so crazy because I struggle to hold the notes in that song without straining (I almost never try the last note as I just cannot reach it. I also very rarely try that song and only after a few months of improvements. This is to see how much closer. Also after a proper warm up to saver my vocals XD) nigh highest note without vocal fry is the note D6 like I said but highest phantom of the opera is an E6. I allways strain on the vocals so I thought if I get stronger control of my higher register then I would be able to control the notes allot stronger and without causing any harm or damage to my voice. Also whilstel register is incredable and I think an achievable goal with allot of practice XD I will be praxticing evry day on this! Only thing I noticed was that whilst doing this I was very airy less sound and more air escape. Is this normal at thd beginning or how can I work on this? (also the tip of not straining so much helped a ton as I ushualy tence at higher notes and put more pressure)

I sound like chubacca

Her: Hello ladies. You wanna sing really really really high…
Me: Uh… OK?

Shit ?

I sound like a cat dying

My dad thought someone was making tea…

Thanks lots, first video that actually show how to sing whistle notes and not a practice session.

I started laughing so hard at 2:05 hahahahahaha

Have you heard Maria Carey lately? I'm not saying using her whistle register damaged her vocal chords, but boy she does NOT sound good these days.

Actually, I can whistle in the 7 octave but right now I only get into the 6 octave. I don’t know why ? Does anyone know why ??

Its so annoying the highest i can go is an E6 and i wanna go higherrrrrr i wanna sing emotions but theres G6 and higher in there

but i cant doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo it


Is it just me or is this not an actual whistle tone lmaooo

People think I I'm being tortured ?

come….i will learn u a another easy technique

My mom taught I was dying, I'm better of making rap videos

I just wanna sing all I want for Christmas is you.

the dogs hated this

I can do this easily. My singing teacher was impressed that i Change naturaly.

This really worked I literally did it just after watching ?

It actually worked lmao

The thing is i can sing like a pro pop or rock , the thing i don't understand about myself is i sound like a kid on phone and on recordings , now what the hell is that ??

my tongue goes up and blocks everything and I think I'm getting the same sound but like I feel like I'm doing it wrong and I'm gonna hurt my vocal chords ? idkkk

This made me crack up ngl

I wish I could practise this a lot….BUT PEOPLE ARE IN THE HOUSE MOST TIMES AND I HAVE NEIGHBOURS…if I go out I’ll look creepy… if it is by myself someone might think I am in danger

I’m confused now…. is squealing the same as whistle notes

i will never be able to do this lmao… my head voice goes up to Ab6 and i feel like if i mastered whistle notes id have a ridiculous range but… i can’t..

Great. Now my dog keeps cocking his head and pressing his nose against me cuz he thinks I'm dying.

I sounded like the lady from the movie “US”

30 seconds of this and I’m already 3 semitones above my highest note

To access the register, I found the best technique is to inhale, and then to do the whistle/squeaky sound on the exhale. I've been struggling to do anything above D6 and I found this out today, and I got it immediately.

I can hit the whistle note. But i can't sing on it. So hard to control it as well.

I sound like a squeaking balloon

These comments ????

Mean while
My two brothers in other room
Bro whats going on?

Ariana's whistle isn't that loud like shouting, on the other hand, I look like a loud idiot

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