Ging Ging Gang Remix – Gunga Ginga Type Beat // Bass Boosted

Ging Ging Gang Remix – Gunga Ginga Type Beat // Bass Boosted

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Sußscribe boyos

When you just solved racism

Me and the boys: * looking at a Alien spitting bars *

0:07 top 10 loudest drops in anime


naruto run to area 51 it is



First day of my freshman year my brother rolled down the windows and blasted this to like everyone I knew while I was in the passenger seat

This ain't bass boosted for shit.

I finally found it

Slaps mush harder at .75 speed

some of yall dont speak minecraft enchantment table and it shows ?

So cool

intor fuedas ???

I want to see shoutgun willy make a song out of this

The last thing the area 51 guards hear before they pass away

i need a lyric video

This is an amazing work of art

the best beat ive ever heared


No one:

Tik tok: Hippity hoppity this remix is my property

This is low key fire and the aliens better aprecciate that the humans made them a slice of home


My alien when I pass him the aux cord

Is this how villagers communicate when we’re not around?

Put it in 2x and imagine someone weird is running into ya with an knife boi (the bass part)

i showed this to my grandma now she is my beat maker

This on Yik tok

Ayy fam pass the aux

I can just see the montages been made of the people storming area 51

nigga speaking cursive

I'm here from shark puppet

When my alien spitting true ?

* Everybody liked that *

cant agree more, wise words from a wise man

Top 10 weirdest scp's
#1 gunga ginga guy

me walking into a church for the first time

Literally have no idea how much time I replayed this but he spittin fire

You know he is spitting facts when he said “gooo green geen gong”

goongeengeen gang

imagine hard area 51 related lyrics ontop of this


When Epic vaults the Mechs:

can I get a like for no reason?

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