"God Bless" – Freestyle Rap Beat | Free Trap Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2018 | Luxray #Instrumentals

"God Bless" – Freestyle Rap Beat | Free Trap Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2018 | Luxray #Instrumentals

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#441 – “God Bless” – Freestyle Rap Beat | Free Trap Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2018, by Luxembourg producers Luxray. #Instrumentals | 💰 Purchase (No Tags) ➜ https://bsta.rs/t/1069676.

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Music provided by Rujay.
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It's night, I see the stars aligning
Why the fuck do allow our world to be ruled by tyrants ?
So many of us dieing
Like God's vs the Titans
Tho most of us are just
Men, closed minded
Flash bang, blinded.
Dreams In the night I hear your momma crying
Telling me she loves me and can't fight it
I should've stopped lieing
Cheating , going out getting high and never realizing she's the finest
my senses should've heightened
Took a swig from this glass and see angels Arriving
Arms outstretched , they clasped my hands
And with gentle words they showed me their land
Purest of light and peace I was Stuck in a trance
So I sat In silence as they beautifully danced
I don't wanna be dead, i want a second chance
I woke up in a sweat with my head in my hands…
Finally .. I understand why I am
And there's nothing I wouldn't give to have one last dance.

God bless me to bless you

Any place any time man u know that im scheming:
Pray to God every nite but im surrounded by demons:
Im a wolf in sheep clothes i refuse to be the vic.:
Sum1 remind'em how these groups be talkin like a bitch:

Dropped a like for this. Beat is 🔥, checkout my latest upload

MisterCrazyFace sent me here!

Bro i want you
God bless beat
It's crazy beat
I have 1 machau
Can i take this beat

This is a great beat! Wish it was like 20 minutes though

I've come to the conclusion that this bullshit news about collusion with
Putin is an illusion
to distract the people from seeing the subliminal evil attack.

Journalists feedin fake facts, that lack truth, confusing the youth.

that's why when I get in the booth, I'm living proof.

the proof is in the pudding.

I'm putting antennas on your roof for a living,
but never giving up on my dream.

gotta team of hungry hyenas cryogenically frozen in time.
Defiant ones with like minds.
Delivering the message through tight rhymes.

Poetical dope to help you cope with being broke like a lifeline.

Securing future endeavors through the pleasure of music,

immeasurable use nevertheless call it therapeutic.
6 degrees of separation between you and me,

you will see the connection by the time they read your eulogy.
When givin the opportunity,
I'm fluently affluent in foolery,

but usually only resort to it if your fuckin rude to me.

Truthfully it would be cool to be left alone.
Turn off my phone. Get in the zone and write poems

while I fly around in my  autonomous drone and call it my home.

You clones can't fathom or ponder how Dan Rather could fondle Barbara Walter's after a handle of fireball
and a bottle of popov vodka an 8 ball topped off with marijuana.

Its easy believe me the people on TV are sleazy so they keep it on repeat
until your eyes get sleepy then wonder why everyone is so fuckin
creepy? This Beat needs me and so does hip hop whenever I get guap im never greedy but this style aint free cuz i feed the needy… L.P.

Nice beat!

Knew a chick she was 17 wit big dreams to go to college
Until she met this older dude and scared to tell her father
Told her mother but her mother liked to yell and drink
And blab her business to the neighbors when across the street
she told her friends but they ain't really seem to give a fuck
All alone and thinking bout him so she hit him up
"What's up Reggie , how's it going baby, how's ya day?"
"Just leaving work, tryna see you, coming out to play?"
She hesitated when it registered they'd never met
But just to hear this nigga voice made her pussy wet
So she agreed to meet him see him at the club at six
Feed her drinks so he can lead her to a motel 6
She feeling dizzy kinda pissy from the drinks and pills
He's like a lion in the wake waiting for the kill
She's barely woke so he begins to kiss her neck and chest
Unresponsive so this nigga starts to get undressed
fleeting visions, Henny fizzing up inside her cup
And penetration, rectal trauma when he woke her up
Looked around, gagged & bound trapped inside a cage
by some nigga stalking minors up on back page…

My Lil homie lacked a father figure so he went and joined a gang
His baby momma love him but they went they separate ways
She tried to tell him be a better man and raise ya son
But he a knuckle head.. only wanna raise his gun
Started in Juvi hall caught a case when he hit the mall
Then used his car to ram security til he hit em all
Got off soft.. a couple months inside a prison camp
Having visions of his son and how he miss his dad
Instead of motivation it really seems to much to handle
pinched for pitching coke like his name was Micky Mantle
The judge is tired of playing so she gave him 3 to 6
Locked him in a prison cell wit a bunch of crips
Then he was asked what he do and why he got on blue
He looked confused but said I'm crip homie.. just like you
They remained quiet mostly plotting on his shoes and coat
The Prison guards found him.. tongue hanging from his throat


I can tache this drunk for free?

niCe………..#29,159……….2 3 19……….

Yea… aye
I can't give Unto you God speed if you aint rocking wit me
Ain't no pearl to swine
I spark the blikki for my partners
If ye try to curl the vine
God will bless em if they walking with me
He don't curve the line
Chalk the empty
And come mob it wit me in eternal life…

Aye, go
Who want a fire trap
Who wanna learn how to rap
Well, to bad you need that slap
After, that nap..
When you see mice you'll be like (snap)
God Bless
No dog test..
You know I am the best
With the hip hop..
I can make a truck stop
But this is my rooftop
I can drop a guy in a box
I can fight in roblox
I be like oof
I be like a dog woof.

Get 10 likes Ill continue…
Got this of by heart btw..

❤it""" 😛👏👏


Carryminati ke video se copyright strike hata chutiye

Quel-que soit le lieu ou l' état d'esprit dans lequel je suis,j'écris.
En dépit des critiques ou des moqueries dont nul n'est l'abris,


à priori je réfléchis et me dis
qu'on arrive à rien dans la vie

sans faire un minimum de compromis ,de sacrifices,
de ce fait j'écris, sans artifice.

L'oisiveté étant une redoutable séductrice
pour ne pas dire la mère de tout les vices ,

j'apporte ma pierre à l'édifice
Quand le moment me parait propice

j'écris …
en résumé je fais le tri parmi le ramassis de conneries

qui encombre mon esprit,tous ses souvenirs,ses débris
qui sont comme des pétales de fleurs fanées ou flétries.

J'écris …

car on à tôt fait d'oublier, de modifier ,de falsifier le passé.
Dieu seul sait d'où je viens ,où je vais, ce par quoi je suis passé…

J'écris pour ne rien vous cacher,
je ne peux éviter de tomber dans les clichés:
j'ai grandis dans une cité ,
issu d'une famille recomposée …

je suis… conscient que nul n'est prophète en son pays
cependant j'écris…en toute modestie

j'écrirais tant que j'aurais
une histoire à partager,
une anecdote à raconter,
une vérité à divulguer

Je revendique …le droit de m'exprimer ,
une envie,un besoin qui n'ont à priori pas lieu d'être réprimées ,
une liberté qu'on ne peut en théorie supprimer,
J'écris …J'espère que t'as bien imprimé !

R1 KO / Améliss.Prod'

Ima use this to practice with thanks!


Last part sounds like last part from sicko mode

I'm listening to a live rap rn 😎


top top top

Meri body hai missile
Ladkiyan kat ke dekhti smile
Mera swag mai style
I am the boss
Big Boss

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