Gqom Sample Pack Free Download!!!

Gqom Sample Pack Free Download!!!

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Free Afro/Gqom Sample Pack on the link Below

You can watch out journey to the Museum in Cape Town Below

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My Bro I'm here with you thanks hey you the best Brada you got my full support lol I've waited for this bell to ring for the long time and it did👊👊👊 let do this💃💃

God bless you man don't stop doing what you do you really talent bra

I'd like to get the amapiano sample pack with vocals

Nice one, brother. You make me want to come over to the Mother City where you are. Thanks for the music – as you say – unique. Are you writing/producing music locally atm? Get in touch. Floyd

Thanks Alot This Will Help My Productions

thanks brother, will credit you when i use this kit


Beginner here, Just want to try this for Six Months (FL studio) I choose to follow your Channel

Yo, great stuff, happy with the pack! I'm only missing the Gladiator_45_presets (for the subscriber that I am) 🙂

we need a video on track layout …..

we like your channel man … keep it man all the good works

yo yo no rules well said ive been DOING my own stuff and asking how does it sound and its been hard for a response , to date im still asking but i well press on ( NO RULES ) AND IF YOU LIKE CAN YOU HEAR MINE AND LET ME KNOW THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE TIME AND EFFORT YOU GIVING BROTHER NOT MANY PEOPLE ARE DOING WHAT YOU DOING RIGHT NOW REALLY

you speak from the heart and soul – thank you

that song in the background is on fire

U r the man!👊🏼

X thank you very much for being one of south africas producers who thinks of us the bed room studio producers thanks again for the tutorials and sample packs much love PTA

i made gqom with these samples

I just want a drumpack then I’ll see myself out with what I can do with it. 👍🏽✨

bro i do appreciate your work and i love it no the problem is that this wifi is restricted so can't download the pack please send them via email [email protected]

thank you

Holla holla from namibia, I download your Samples and will definetly hook you up with somthing Im creating not, Big thumps Ups Brada Much Love .Gqom Is The Future 4 Rewal…. 🙂

Been waiting on something like this forever man, thanks a lot

Thanks for the lit pack!! Do you perhaps know of any sites where i can download gqom vocal packs?

Bro I can't download this pack… Email it to me [email protected]

wow thanks!

came across your channel by accident and love your vibe and passion bro. I recently moved to Ghana from London looking to do Ghanaian house music using local artist singing in the local dialects instruments etc. Im using logic so was a bit hard to follow but would you be interested in collaborations?

Wola cela ningizama neNexus plz

Thank you broh

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