H U R T Y O U – Emotional Dark Trap – The Weeknd Type Beat

H U R T Y O U – Emotional Dark Trap – The Weeknd Type Beat

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🎧 H U R T Y O U – Emotional Dark Trap – The Weeknd Type Beat (Prod. Tower Beatz x Marzen)

Tower Beatz 2009 – 2018 All Rights Reserved ©


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Андро инопланетянин


This is so weird because i just listen to an russian song who has exactly THIS beat. The singer is andro

I made your heart cry for me,
I took so much of your pain,
I member when you went behind of me,
Stabbed me up,
I’m still hurt you lied to me,
Couple lines up,
I’m woke you can’t hide from me,
Relationship broken,
Why do you never have time for me,
Slow it down rewind for me,
I took your love for granted,
I miss you baby god damnit,
I fucked up plenty times,
I’m all outta chances,
Lost in the this world,
Feeling sucidal mothafuckin stranded,
Abussive I was in the relationship,
I know i know,
I had my days I just wanted to,
Hang a bitch,
Strangle you just cause I was hurt,
What you put me through,
Payback isnt worth losing you,
Losing losing losing you,
Wish their was something I could do,
I i i i i i could do,
Somethings gotta give damnit,
Theirs something that I could prove,
Hurting you wasn’t in my thoughts,
Payback was and look where it got,
Got got got got,
Our hearts shot shot shot.

this beat using by Andro – Инопланетянин

I hurt you
You hurt me
That's how it works
How can't you see?
Am about leave
You are hurting me
I gotta keep myself , myself
From bleed
So i'll stay by
Don't wonder why
When you look at my eyes
You see time pass by…

she told me that
she would break me
she told me that
she would hurt you.
i thought
she heard me

Saturday night, my friends urged me to go out and party with them, but I wanted to stay home. Somehow I convinced myself to go out, and ended up meeting up an amazing girl. And also ended up hearing this instrumental. I need to write to this. Literally one of the best nights of my life. DOPE BEAT.

Yah Mind is tripping 

Inside, your breaking down

Got me going crazy 

Got me feeling down 

Mind just floating around (yah)(x2)

I’m here not breathing now

Can’t you swipe it

Can’t you feel it 

Losing my words for you now 

you got us slacking how  

every time you say your fine 

Shit I know you drowning down 

Killing our moods    

Just passing by with battle wounds 

same abuse 

Baby on this call 

Looking like she trying to wear satins shoes…. 

Same abuse 

Same abuse 

Hearing red and blues 

All we hearing 

Now we hear the same shit on the news

Nothing ever changing 

Same excuse 

Same views

No one care 

Just suffering

ese beat esta que explota! 00:19 pesado!

Im in my zone
1am laying in bed
Looking at the phone
So many numbers
But no 1 real to talk to
Nights like this got me feeling some type of way
Body tired but minds wide awake
U said u was real
So tell me why u always acting fake
I need some love
tired of dealing with all the hate
I might bend
But i promise ill neva break
I need some alone time
I need a hide away
Nights like this got me feeling some type of way


eargasmic ♥


I feel numb without ur love
All from u is love
And so just know that am not looking side side
I'm not suching for any other gal
I want u baby I want u
U know that u make me feel hi
U realy need in my life
Lets build us a future together
Say u'll hold me no matter the weather
Make us fly love will provide the feathers

Alfonso died and woke up in a dream, not a strory as real as you and me, Now god told him, just believe in yourself, he said why, the end is here I cannot see, I'll give you a chance if believe in me, I believe in you but before I can set you free, there's someone you need to meet, yeah who's that, this is you, from past life, next to you from your past self, they have something for you, an opportunity to restore yourself, to gain popular energy, confidence, and higher self-esteem, how is that possible, well you see, I've been watching you for along time and I see great potential, but you don't allow yourself to become great, but your stuck in a negative mindset, like what, well first off your insecure, don't like interaction that's last to long, second your holding back afraid your power is uncontrolled, finally your feeling nothing, cut off all emotional connection, because you are afraid of rejection, afraid of commitment, afraid of being yourself. Thank you for reading.

Hey can I use this beat for nonprofit I can send u a link c if u like it check me out on SoundCloud Kush N Muzik tha song will b called But I Wana B With U

Siguelo haa
El tiempo a pasado volando
La gentebsw nos queda mirando
Un relación seria buscando
La chica quiero gosando
Tirado una botella en mi mano
Que carajos me esta pasando
Estoy fumando
Me estoy matandel
El amor tuyo desarmo las liezas del corazón

How much is this beat and if we use this beat to record in the studio then we can use it for non profit use?

Is this beat taken already?????If not how can I buy it??

And to think you cared for me I tried to erase the past and your memory but I just fall into a state of mind where I am out of my head out my mind thinking that you were the one was the biggest mistake I ever had let you play me hurt me and I am sitting over here in a pain where I can not explain its too content to the extent where I can't bare you no more you followed me and laughed in my face as I laughed in yours when my hand hit your face in a big crown heard that sh*t down to china and everyone comes up to me still asks if you had another girl and hell yes you did don't even lie don't even cover up everyone saw you with her hurts to know it. it hurts to bare after all the arguments we had you cried but it was known when you cried fool you was in self pity you didnt cry BC of our arguments instead you did BC you knew what you did you finally realized it but b*tch I ain't takin you back you not my worth my time but worth anything to me no more but you really had the nerve to lie to my face tell me everything was ok and that you were blocking chicks from left AnD right but what a f*cking lie I gave you trust loyalty and honesty whatever happened to forever fool you player my papa always said to never love any boy more than you love yourself BC in the end you are going to get hurt and walk through hell and well I almost did thank goodness I have my confidence I would say you didnt teach me anything but that would be a lie you taught me one thing don't trust anyone make sure what you get yourself into before you follow up in a relationship and if I am being honest I knew you were low key a player but I thought you would be at least loyal since it happened to you you gave me all these things saying you never play me and never lie to me but you broke so many codes and so many factors where it hurt so much but now I don't need you no more BC baby it was your loss from the beginning


I always think about you
Ever since I saw you
It’s always been about you
Ever since I met you
Got no one to talk to
Love hanging out with you
Every time when I’m with you
I quickly get so attached to you
Want to be with you
Just want to focus on me and you
Your a chill girl
Want to vibe with you
You look like a pearl
This is the real you
Whatever happens to you
I’ll be there for you
Need someone to talk to
I’ll be here for you
Going through some rough times
I’ll always support you
Going through some hard times
I’ll take care of you
I do all of this just for you
Im just being real with you
I’ll go other side of the world just to see you
This just explains how much I’ll miss you
Hope this shows you my expression
Cause this is how much I want you
you lose me when you make me feel like i’m not important to you
Without you I don’t know what I’ll do
See me on the streets ruining my life
this is how much I need you
I Want you to be my wife
That’s how much I love you

So many demons in my head,screaming I was dead, the feeling in my brain 🧠 the thoughts with my cationess telling me to stack that bread and fuck the rest, coz they all just communists that just wanna go to war they wanna cause internal conflict, the world is cruel everyone gives a fuck about the rich coz they bleed from the poor it’s so painful when you under stand the source of empowerment it will destroy your core enough rich be like we give to the poor, but in there mind there sick to continue the cause but still act like they a saint and raise there sword, fuck this life- it’s like a lucid dream when I stare away from the light, in this selfish world nobody cares for the greatest dream of all United peace-

Kyotto – My own

dreaming in the mind

Abouta wake up in this time cuz 

Knowing I was just disappearing

only using me for their emotions

When life is just in a broken 

people use you like useless token  

Strangling till your choking 

floating alone 

Till your smoking

Spinning in those circles

From the past when you were soaking in those moments 

Waiting to feel Alive to be chosen 

Knowing your life was stolen 

putting your mind into a frozen

Blowing it out with a shotgun

no thoughts of family or friends 

All of them are were real, till they slipped up again 

 for using you only for their problems 

When they  treated you with nothing but the beginning 

and now you made me feel heartbroken 

One click to the head now I’m dead 

 on the floor bleeding 

And people are now speaking 

Talking like they loved you and popping up from the past moments 

Like they finally notice 

Time goes on and then they don’t give af 

they just want link with you till they move up 

No feelings 

Nobody to care for 

Just for money and profit 

And one thing I rather do is bring the past back 

When life was simple, cuz 

Now I’m 6 feet underground 

Wearing a white and black 

Can’t even talk about that life line track 

Screaming for help 

Screaming out loud

Wishing things were different than they flying into the clouds  

Wishing I knew people better 

letting the real people love me from feeling  down 

I just wanted to feel what love was all about

Not in this contagious feeling that we all can’t fuck about 

Now that I’m out 

Dont be lying

Telling people oh I love that man 

He gave life on the move

what a sellout


Living in the past, wearing you like a cast
Oh no
What am doing to my soul
Im delusional x2

Lord help me over come this nightmare
Fight my darkest demons fair and square
How could i still want you for what you did
Took me for granted left me dead
Crawling back like your the source of life
Why cant i focus on how u cut me twice
Kept reminding myself i dont need you
But you still affecting me like how you used to.

Im delusionalx2 yes im crazy

Reminiscing the nights when you’d look me in the eyes
When my mascara was reapplied from my sleepless nights
Remember when you’d touch my skin, ignoring the fact i’d cut when u sin
Im a blind intelligent, seeking hope somewhere irrelevant
Acting distant wondering if you’ll wrap your arms like cardigan.

I wanna start this whole song off by sayin fuck all y'all,
I can't be myself without gettin judged and talked down on,
I wanna go in the streets and I wanna be free,
But every move I make is always frowned on,
I try to love a girl, but that girl broke my heart,
I was fucked from the beginning, so where should I start,
Had her in my arms thought we'd never be apart,
Till I found out she was an actress..
Just playing her part,
I wanted to try again, give it another go,
Had another girl and I thought I'd take it slow,
It was going good so I thought but didn't know,
She had a few dudes lined up on the side..
She really was a hoe,
I don't trust a bitch yeah I just told you why,
So I'm gonna go on and look out just for I,
My, myself, ain't need no more lies,
I done cried and I've cried and I've tried swear I tried,
I keep a piece of mind after the mistakes every time,
Now I know that girls are just demons in disguise,
See I had enough of those in my muthafuckin brain,
The thoughts in my head got me goin insane,
One day I'll get crazy and they won't be contained,
My demons will escape and soon I'll take aim,
My pops was out my life had no one to be a dad,
Wasn't there at all but I really wish he had,
Been there for me when I needed it most,
Father figures lost my image couldn't see the bigger picture,
And they say it gets easy but it won't the way my life goes,
My moms is abusive, wish it was an illusion,
But I've come to a conclusion, my moms is delusional,
She thinks that she's mental, she is but there ain't a diagnosis,
The real fuckin reason sucks, it's kind of gross it's,
Drugs, that bitch really on some cocaine powder,
Turned my life upside down I'm losin all the power,
In my body and my mental is goin sour,
My happiness drains away every minute by the hour,
I wanna vent and it's hard doing this shit in a written,
Cause usually when writing it's heat that I'm spittin,
Here I switched it up now can't you see the difference, it's different,
I wanna take my life and flip it,
Fix it,
Anyone doubtin they can stick it,
Kick it,
Out the door when they trippin,
Miss it,
The life we had mama, without the beef between us,
And a dad mama, wish he stayed yeah I really wish he had mama,
Wish he had mama, now we got bad drama,
Everywhere I go I keep that llama, cause niggas in the streets they be mad mama,
Don't be sad mama,
I wish we could fix everything from before and I know I wasn't the best son,
You weren't the best mom but I didn't appreciate what you had done,
See I been blind couldn't see the good through all the bad and now I'm here trippin with a gun,
Gun to my temple, no one to the rescue,
Every time you tried to help ma, I would jus say eff you,
And I made yo life a mess too,
Gave even more stress you,
Tried and tried and tried and thru hell you made me blessed you,
Made me who I am, I like who I am,
I ain't another stan ma,
I'm a fuckin man ma, look how tall I stand ma, even though I'm short yeah, look at where I am ma,
Damn ma..
Damn ma, no really damn I'm sorry, if I die just know I love you,
Even though I could not trust you, please just know I love you,
While I smoke this blunt too, please just know I love you,
Mama while I load this gun, know that your son loves you,

Loves you..

I'm sorry for the words I said. I'm sorry for the hurt that's bad. If I could take it I wouldn't. You told me to walk away but I couldn't. I'm sorry but I gota stand and fight. Sitting down just isn't allright it doesn't match who I am I'm sorry you think I don't give a dam . But it's true it's all very real. Please open ya heart and let me feel. Let me show you show how to love me again . Iv said sorry but watch actions speak to all of them. Iv hurt you . Iv broken you . But just give me a chance too. And chance to be a man boo. Iv been kid all these years . You held me up when I was weak with fears. Now it's my turn I love you


Every time I try to portray something I jus can't get it straight. And everytime I try to say something these people don't hear me. My heart beat fast and I kinda hate this, it all comes back to me everytime I be alone, jus can't take this pressure no more ur absence I can take it, ur fragrance I can't take it, left it in my room and all ur fucked shadows. U helped me find my self is sad we couldn't make it, got me in a lot of trouble it helped me be a man, we used to laugh so hard and we didn't care. All the things I did 4 u were small but they fucken worth it I don't need no compensation, I feel like a see thru now and u did that, u acting like a new beam now and u strike me but u don't care coz all that make-up jus makes u numb u don't even what u do to people. <pusha kay>

gosh any author her eabout BTS fsnfictuon? remember this song you guys used during 21+ smut?

Hey man, this beat kills. What plug-in and preset you used for this bass/melody? Please i need it, thanks in advance!

Drake can kill this one

Can i use it in a song?

You say your okay but I know that your not hearts been cold even tho that is hot lies been told not a little a lot thinking to yourself is it worth it or not cutting your skin tryna set your soul free trapped in a cage they don't know what it means too death to hear and too blind to see sippin on henessy mixed with the ecstacy drinking this potion no more emotions feelin waved like the ocean baby girl your my world lemme give u my heart coz my soul been sold

stay away not feeling the same
i dont know what the fuck is wrong with my brain
but u know that shit is what i cannot change
once it happen people thought it was a game
it wasnt a joke
i got exposed
once that vid came out my heart was so broke
i felt alone
im in my zone
bitch im in my zone

thought this shit was put to an end
i cannot fuck around with these fake friends
and im always sad but i always pretend
but the one thing is that i had no strength
i had to make a guess ive been having stress
but i had to accept

the fact that nobody even knows that i got exposed

"Stay away", it's my ugly heart telling my brain
I'll make you lose faith
I'm used to playing games
Unfortunately you'll be the same

But this isn't the way
No, you need someone who won't hurt you
Hurt you like I do
Like I do
Hurts you like I do

This is routine, baby girl you know me
I'm high off life, and you get me higher
But I bring you down with all my power
And it is effortless to me

I can't make any promises
No, I wish I could, but I ain't harmless
I'll take it to the brain and use my fists
I abuse your words, I make em twist

I drink less, try and fix my mess
But I can't stop, I think I'm obsessed
Thinking about what you got, I couldn't relate but I wanna connect

It'll never happen, you lost my affection
It feels like you only want attention

Is it true? Cause our memories will go by
And not a single kiss will make me feel alive
I feel dead inside, so I want that for you too

And this isn't the way, no
No, you need somebody who won't hurt you
Hurt you, hurts you like I do
Like I do
Like I do
Like I do

I wake up early, stay up always
Never come with you when you want
I couldn't give any reason to stay
Lord knows you pray

But don't pray for me
Nah, don't waste that for me
You only, yeah, you only

I'm always high or drunk
That love in the water, finally has sunk
The devil can take my heart and I couldn't be worse
People may think they hardened me first
So I wrote this song for you to rehears

Time flies and you're there every time
But I push you away, and I'll never realize
I'll always lie, I'll always lie
Excuses, excuses
And this ain't right
But you're here like you're alright

But this isn't the way, girl
Yeah this isn't the way, no
No, you should be with somebody, someone who won't hurt you
They couldn't hurt you
Hurt you, no
Hurt you like I do
Like I do
Hurts you like I do

Some things'll never change
Some things become harder to love every day
Some things just weren't meant to be

Open your eyes girl, open your eyes
What do you see?
Because I see failure in me, on everything

No, I'll watch you cry before anything
It's my heart that has corrupted
To me it's crazy to think you make me function
It's hard for me to believe what trust is

Is love what they say it is?
I try to stay in my own business
It makes me restless
I wish you were a villainess

But this isn't the way, no
This isn't the way
No, you need to be with someone who won't hurt you
Hurt you like I do
Like I do

Hurts you the way that I do
Like I do
Like I do
Like I do

-Written by Amori, and some other guy who was overseeing my comment/lyrics

La puedo usar?

kyotto-my own que coño jaja

I don't love

stick to your fucking day jobs, to you guys writing horrible lyrics in the comments lmao you really suck. love the beat though. if your lyrics are good you wouldnt be writing them in the comments so everybody can have them. use your fucking brain.

Imma turn this into a masterpiece

dope beat!

its sooo hard to find good beats like this 😭😭🔥

Walczę z chmurami, które tu ciągle przynoszą nam deszcz
Serce nie krwawi, goją się rany, a mokre oczy zastępuje śmiech
Noże na krtani, byliśmy wolni, dziś jesteśmy słabi
To nie krew z serca, dusza cialo plami
Przespane noce, wszystkie są za nami
Łagodny jak pieprz, ostry jak wasabi
Było tu dla nas za późno i chyba umieraliśmy czasami
Wciąż umieramy
Było tu dla nas za trudno, szukając prawdy jak wejścia u bramy
Byliśmy młodzi i wciąż jesteśmy jak dzieci z Bullerbyn a pamięć tak boli
Kiedy minelo to wszystko, kiedy wszystko się zaczęło pierdolić
(Powiedz kiedy mała)
Pisałem tobie piosenki, dziś ich nie pisze, czekam do ósemki
Czego tu jeszcze nie było zajmuję, czemu się patrzysz mi w oczy i pluje tu na was
Kiedy to wszystko minęło, ta nasza zabawa
Tamto życie było jak piekno, dzisiaj to dramat
Dzisiaj to zataczam się w ciągłym błędzie
Dzis wiem, że kiedyś to ciebie nie będzie
Dzisiaj wszyscy żyjemy w ciągłym pędzie
Nie wiem
I nie chce ranić a ranie tu ciągle
Nie chce pieniędzy lecz gdzie są pieniądze
Miałem ci kupić pamiątkę i miłość dać w sumie to nawet miłości ci nie dam, tymbardziej nie kupię
Nie patrz mi w oczy bo wiem że są puste
Nie chcę cię tracić ale tak nie umiem
Weź stare graty i zabierz tą kurwę
Chcę tylko ciebie, samemu nie usne

Like si viniste por KYOTTO

Sial ini memang sial
Aku tak faham
Takkan Faham

Satu satu aku tempuh jalan berliku
Mana satu harus tuju
Tubuh kaku diriku keliru
Sumpah aku telah buntu


I know you been hurt i know they dragged you thru the dirt but rise from the ashes like a phoenix dont be catting for some felix can you feel itmmhm can you feel it if you can dream it then achieve it can you feel it hmm can you feel it if you can dream it then achieve it yh its easy but its gets hard sometimes i know you just wanna die i know you just wanna cry so let them tears flow tonight

Let it get let it let it go
No one needs to know
Let it go let it go let it go
Get high when your feelin low

Cutting your arm doing self harm this aint you think it thru u might cut the wrong vein like what did i do now your laying on the floor and your family next to you your little brother crying coz he looked up to you he thought u wouldnt die reality hit him too looking to the sky like god wake me up instead of him please take me up god wake me up instead of him please take me up take me up take me uuuuup but theres nothing no one can do now they forgot about you coz sometimes its just easier to forget after your funeral your mum she struggling with debt so your brother calls up the plug puts his shoes on and steps up tryna be the man of the house his fed up but his mum depending on him he wont ever give up he wont ever give up he wont ever give up he wont ever give up

Let it go let it go let it go
No one needs to know
Let it go let it go let it go
Get high when your feeling low

Now your brother on the road slinging them os joined a gang now his chilling with his bros he goes tie his shoes he turns around for a second everyone vanished like magic the feds pull up so he panicked he got caught now his doing some time thats mmm tragic now his on the phone to his mum but he hears another voice are you dumb its his opp saying he had no choice coz he stole a kilo from his boys now he gon kill her with his toys with his toys with his toyyyyyys Now your brothers trapped in a cage filled with rage nothing he can do but pray to god everyday

I don't need no favors

I made my name

I said see you later

On a hoe who changed

I admit that I just played her

I won the game

I don't got no time to save her

She can't be saved


I don't need no new friends

I got my day ones

I don't really do trends

Don't fuck with fake ones

I'll hold my own

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