(HARD) ANIME TYPE BEAT " JIRAIYA " | Free Type Beat / Instrumental 2019

(HARD) ANIME TYPE BEAT " JIRAIYA " | Free Type Beat / Instrumental 2019

(HARD) ANIME TYPE BEAT " JIRAIYA " | Free Type Beat / Instrumental 2019

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New anime type beat x logic type beat x chance the rapper type beat
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“Soul City” – Mac miller x Isaiah rashad x Logic type beat prod origami


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Blog Comments

Wdup papersquad, Here is the Behind the scenes video of how i made this beat :

Doing a 30 day vlog challenge on my second channel go subscribe to it if you are into beatmaking

This has XXX all over it

Too bad the guy died to pain

https://soundcloud.com/gdob/jiraiya-prod-origami made a song to this beat lemme know what you think !!

Yo man. Sorry but this is your best beat by far! Make more mysterious hard type anime beats, like this ?? Oh and free aswell???

Do All for One!!

Jiraya boy

This slaps to fuckin hard and honestly made me realize I like jiraya more bc it made me go back and think about the anime ?

he never got to smash :,(

jiraiyas back

Permission to use this beat?

Dude, i subscribed to your channel like 6 times and it keeps unsubscribing for no reason, it is not the network connection, idk dafuq is happening
I even chaged the browser, Used the Smartphone, used OTHER accounts to know if it was only in my account and the Same problem happened

"meow n***a"

These low-key the kind of beats scarlxrd hops on to these days


FIRE BRO! When is the luffy type beat dropping?

Hey can u send it to my email

Jiraya a real ass n*gga


So its free

Do Deku…..

For more beats like this that’s a SUB!!!

I need the thumbnail. XD

Who all thinks Jiraiya is still alive??

Im gonna spit heat to this fucking beat

feelin like im jiraiya

get of my fucking dick don't tryna make me kill ya

i'm already winning life you can see it in my visa

don't try to catch up i can't even fucking see ya

focusing in a misson damn i need to make it right

i'm just tryna hit my zone but u bitches trying to fight

i maybe lacking of vision cuz u bitches out of sight

yeah i'm takin it slow but i got the speed of light

doing all this i'm just tryna beat the game

tryna make money so i can pay my mama rent

shit i ain't perfect i still got stupid non sense sins

doing this shit so i can finally know what it means

Jiraya should come back alive just sayin, they couldn't even find his body when Kabuto and Obito used Reinanimation Jutsu

Leaves your orphaned like where's my papa
Perverted sage so where's your mama
Lucky if u see her again like fortnites llama
Living like a sage where's my good karma
Rip to the toad master

ค่ำคืนที่โครตเหงา อยู่แบบเดียวดาย
รวมตัวกันพวกเรา ปุ้นๆกันเมามาย

Lit ????

タツソエ ソツケキアスケ ??

This is what I want …damn bro …

Damn this shit go CraZy ??‍♂️?

(deep evil voice) lets begin ?

Starts at 0:13
Regular voice
Damn we chilling
Shawty is you willing
Show me your potential
We just fucking, there's no feelings
We just smoking loud cuzz them pillz they aint appealing
Peeling back an onion, now we flip it thats the ceiling (like)

This my shit
Its legit
You aint like that So stop talking that shit
You'll get hit wit that judge, do a bid, than just split nigga
Im all about my paper
So that scarface legit nigga

(I will finish it) brb

R. I. P

These kicks make my ears bleed like mangekyou

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