Hip Hop Beats For Sale

Hip Hop Beats For Sale

Getting Started As A Rapper

If you want to be a rapper or a hip hop producer then you’ll probably want to buy some royalty free hip hop beats online to get started with. These are beats that you can literally do anything you want with without paying any royalty fees. You basically buy the beats up front and then they are yours to do whatever you want with.

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Stale Beats

The problem you may run into is that a lot of places will be selling very stale beats that may have sounded fresh in 1993 but sound very dated today. You’re going to want to have access to the freshest beats.

Different Styles/Genres

Some websites that sell hip hop beats online only have a few different genres (or styles) to download. It’s best to go to a site that has a large selection of styles so that you can be sure you can find exactly what you are looking for.

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There are some sites that only have a few hundred beats to choose from. That’s no good. You may not find what you are looking for with a smaller selection. Or you may end up using the exact same beats as a lot of other people. This will make it much harder to stand out in the crowd.

Jay Stacks Beats

Jay Stacks Beats has loads of royalty free beats different styles/genres available for just a one time fee. You literally pay just once and you have lifetime access to this huge selection of beats that you can do anything you want with.

[FREE] Young Thug Type Beat 2017 “Guwop” | Jay Stacks x Highfonicsbeats

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