How My WACKEST Beat Helped ScHoolboy Q Get A Record Deal #Curtspiration

How My WACKEST Beat Helped ScHoolboy Q Get A Record Deal #Curtspiration

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Producer Curtiss King explains how his wackest beat helped ScHoolboy Q get a record deal with TDE.

How Terrence “Punch” Henderson Helped Build TDE + Coached Kendrick Lamar and SZA | Blueprint –

#Curtspiration is a web series dedicated to motivating the hearts and minds of Rappers and Producers around the world.

New Episodes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Shot and Edited by: Richey (Twitter: @RicheyDiamonds)
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Blog Comments

Thanks for this, I needed it. Subscribed.

Appreciate the upliftment!!!

Keep em coming man love these videos. Bless up!

I can relate to what you say Bro. When I was starting out doing production. Another Emcee asked me what do i know bout production? FOH. But i have my few experiences and moments with the music and traveled more than him ever since.

Thanks bro


shit you're telling us something real man your videos are so encouraging I appreciate that

Gold 6:42

Q is tuff tho…can spaz on any beat ?

What's that book about? where do you get it?

6:35 That is real… Apply this to anything in life….

I never feel like I'm ready to release anything but your story really helps me feel like I can relax about it. Good stuff man keep up the curtspiration

Bro many times when auditioning beats the one I feel is the weakest gets picked .This happens all the time.

4:32 no pun intended ???

The wackest beat cad be an artist hit song

Where is the beat?

Curtiss King kept going like a G now he almost reaching a 100K Subs 2018. 100 Claps to you King

Really love your videos bro it's like having a friend that gets all my struggles and can laugh about it from a producer standpoint.

Made my first song on playstation and cassette player with radio shack mic

808s and gunshots slick a wave bring it back with more defined skills

Man this spoke to me. I have been playing piano for 12 years of my life, and im 22 years young. All I got right now productionwise, is a phone and my yamaha. I play my piano for hours, find something i like, and translate it into Fl Mobile- make a beat out of it. Yet ive made 50+ beats and got myself a followong of 468 on soundcloud.
Soon ill receive the laptop I just bought and ill be able to stsrt digging deeper into fl studio. Ive only taken baby steps but im proud of my progress. Even then, with progress on progress, theres still crap beats that come out. Its all about the learning experience

Hahaha Claim That Story!!

As a producer, I gotta respect you King!

Which song did he do on that beat?

Encouraging words bro, very inspiring and listen, congrats on being an author [your book]. Like what your doing man. Inspires me and young men like myself

lmao bless up g thnx for the inspiration

Thank you, Chris!!!!

Where is the song?


I use gary Vee to motivate me with social media
I use Curtis King to motivate me to stay on my grind!

Anyone know which song it was?

Curtis how do I find my sound? I make so make different beats and I feel like their just not there. How did you find your sound?

Great Story!!!!

Jay Rock. West Coast. Where My Gun Sounds! ??????

Thank you Curtis! Blessed day refreshing words of wisdom!

Yoh…you too inspirational!!
If you haven't entered the TED talks game…think about it…BLESS

Just got finished watching an talk by Oak Felder, the dude that produced "Sorry Not Sorry" by Demi Lovato. He said that, while in the studio, his chord progression idea was shut down.. hard! He set it aside and put down some 808s. She loved that. Then he brought the chords back in and it made it into the record.

Just saying that "No" really means "Try again."

Brutha that's dope

??? crazy how ironic ???? is

Thats One Persons Opinion But Its Not My Personal Idea Of Who I Am

You'll Never Stop Learning, Even When You Become A Teacher You Will Still Be Student… Deep


Man… Loving your vids. Pure inspiration. Real recognise real.

A sample of the beat would have helped for some perspective

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