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In this video, I go over why it is important to have your beats on all streaming platforms.
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Blog Comments

Grateful for you

i been on it since early 2018

I generally think your insights are great. You're really informing people the secrets of the industry I hope you carry on

Thanks for that video, man! I've been thinking about uploading my beats to Spotify to improve discoverability, but have been on the fence because I was thinking this could hurt if ppl want to buy the exclusive. What's your vision/experience for that?

lol check me out bro i have a few beat tapes streaming now be on on since October


Nice video

But does Distro kit take some of aughtor's right?
Or- does it put some limitations to my muic ?


I ended up getting a 40% discount with distrokid which was cool.

Hi…you have great tutorials man..thank you, im learning alot from you. Im not where i want to be with my beats yet, but im posting on spotify for about 2 months now with Distrokid, so check it out if you want

What about producers who use a lot of samples? I can’t just clear every sample I use

Are you still able to make royalties from streams if I had a beat or beat tape on Apple Music and Spotify through using distrokid?

yea but what i dont understand is, do you have to upload it through the system before you do this because anyone can just take ur beat and claim it as theirs? also if a rapper buys my beat exclusively and blows up, will distro kid collect my royalty from that song? does it collect the percentage that it said on the contract? please get back at me bro

Check me out bro on Instagram @yungfurgo I just started producin


One more question. You talk about putting your beats on spotify through distrokid. Do you put beats you plan on leasing on spotify? Do you put everything on spotify? If you put the beat on spotify can you still lease it at a later time? Sorry for the long question…. any info helps.
Thanks ??

What's up Lifestyle, it's Knuckles Da Ace of Chrome G Productionz again, in case you didn't get my link to my Spotify in your timeline post on YouTube, Here it is below. Thanks again buddy and Enjoy! ?


When u have sleep paralysis n all u can see is hate comments lmao

Submit your music to Spotify playlists for free at

A lot of people worry about it being an issue to take down tracks. It's not hard at all, you just click a button and wait 1-3 days.

I have my beats on Spotify but barely any listeners.?

Spotify -Mozy Animalz check out my beatz!!!

Hey Senpai, Beatstars have a 1 year subscription plan for $14 right? is it $14 once a year or you pay monthly?

I swear man a year ago I was putting my music there and then met someone kept giving me negative vibes till I removed them all ?? but I will putting them back. Thanks for the vedio

Hey can you check my beat out

Type beats On Spotify…. idont think
Singles, yes.

I didn't realize that it's something you could do. I thought that maybe you could run into copyright issues (yes, I know I own the copyright) down the line if you were trying to sell a beat that you had on streaming services and for sell on like Itunes and stuff 0.o

dope video man, I'm just wondering how likely are your beats to make it on a playlist and get big exposure I mean I've been on traktrain and beatstars for about 5 months now and I post on a Instagram account but I don't get much buzz

Do you know if there are different versions of gross beat that are free?

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