How To Sell Beats Online On Instagram 2018 – Instagram Secret

How To Sell Beats Online On Instagram 2018 – Instagram Secret

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this is so dope thnk u so much

Clark! Thank you so much for all the valuable information you've been giving us producers for free! I can't thank you enough sir!
I have a specific question for you. When reaching out to these rappers on instagram and trying to build that relationship, should mentioning the fact that you sell beats be something you do right away, or something that you should wait a couple of messages to do so. For example, if I see an artist I like , do I message them and let them know that I sell beats right away? or should I build that relationship over the course of a few messages and then finally Let them know "hey by the way if you need to buy beats I have a store where I sell them". The problem im getting is when I reach out to these artists, the hit me back with the " Thanks man , send beats to my DM to collaborate. " aka send it for free. Let me know if you can provide any insight on this situation I am having my friend and thanks again

Appreciate you taking the time to upload quality information like this fam. ?

Thanks for the advices bro !

Bought your course man but doesn’t seem like I can get sales. Everyone wants beats for free

When you say tell them what you got, what do you say in the message? Can you show us an example of that?

I saw one produce doing rap contests. Do those help?


How many DMs can you send without getting blocked?

I'm locked in!

Hey bro, great info, Thanks! You just got a new follower!

Thanks for working so hard!!

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