How to sell your beats on Instagram (Marketing Your Beats Online Episode 2)

How to sell your beats on Instagram (Marketing Your Beats Online Episode 2)

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•Update• DROPBOX is a better alternate to gramblr


Hi there, great video. Cheers for the information.

What is your main website url?

I have always had a good interest in all types of marketing.

Mike Harrington

Have a look at my Facebook Marketing Webinar at my link above.

Much appreciated

instagram full of fakes this shit aint work


Is the direct message on ig method a waste of time? Hitting up rappers randomly

i tried this but it doesnt get as much attention. this doesnt work well.

settings u want to use h264 render. You file size must be around 100mb – 400mb or else it wont upload to gamblr.

600X600 for photoshop cover artwork, and 600×600 for composition size

its what i use on (don't mean to spam)

Keep up the hustle ?

How bout save it to ur desktop and upload the files from ur iCloud???

Question, I make my beats on FL Studio 12. Now that video that I created, could I still use that video as well?

You can also use chrome developer tools To upload to IG through the browser

I appreciate you so much for sharing your wisdom. This really does help the community grow and become better people musically and overall.

That is a great informative video. We likewise have a number of our personal videos that individuals did, and are getting started on attempting to genuinely help people grow their businesses as well. We are looking for new ideas and hope that people can give this sort of genuine advice. If you got some time, have a look at ours and reveal what you think.

Anyone else about to help each other out?

r I g H t

Great info bro! Dope!

thank you brother !!! thank you !

Thank you bro ? your almost to 1k man keep grinding ??

Great video! Very helpful.

If you're in chrome, just switch to mobile mode. Go to developer mode under more tools or..(ctrl + shift + i) And click the mobile device icon in the top middle or…(ctrl + shift + m). Your browser is now acting as a mobile device and everything is available on IG, including posting, like it is on your phone.

Gramblr its the malvare….lol

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