How to Sing Better: Have Singing Anxiety? How to Sing with Self Confidence.

How to Sing Better: Have Singing Anxiety? How to Sing with Self Confidence.

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Learn How To Sing with Confidence on YouTube – Get Naomi’s Famous Free Voice Workshop Online in 10 FREE singing tip videos on How to train your voice, to be under your control 24/7.

Do you have low self confidence, when it comes to singing? Here is how to sing better, which vocal exercises you can use to boost your self confidence and learn to sing the way you want to.

For a Complete how to sing singing kit Including 8 vocal exercises for how to teach yourself how to sing go to – No need to take lessons.

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How to Sing with Confidence:

Step 1: 2:16 In popular music, different types of sounds are a really cool thing. So you have to learn to love your own sound. You don’t want to be like anyone else. You wanna sound like yourself. So you have to learn how to love your own sound.

Realize that even famous people have had people that didn’t like them. Even though they’ve had millions maybe billions of fans.

So one of the things you have to do to become a good singer is to get used to people making their comments about you. That are maybe not so nice and maybe hurt your feelings. Because, those negative comments can honestly be wrong, and usually ARE!

Even famous people have had people that don’t like them. That they had no talent and they would never make it. And here they are FAMOUS for most of their lives, making a fine living – Some of them being superstars!

Step 2: 3:05 If you feel like you have a singing problem:

Do you sing off key?
Can’t hit your high notes?
Is your voice is too soft?
You can’t be powerful when you need to be?
Is your voice too loud and you can’t be soft?

Then you need to know how to train your voice to get your singing muscles to work better. (check out

That’s what you need.

I know a lot of people are looking for, just a one word answer, or a two second answer. Honestly that’s not the way that vocal training works. : ( I wish I could say it was, but.. unfortunately lying to you won’t help you.

And that’s not really gonna handle your problem with singing. It takes dedication and some work.

I mean, a lot of people want to be famous, but something as wonderful and amazing and as valuable as fame… DOESN’T happen with no work.

So if you aren’t willing to do the work and to practice a whole lot, I’m sorry, you probably won’t make it. But if you are? Then you have a chance at becoming the famous artist or performer you’ve always wished you could be!

If you get to do that for your work instead of some 9am-5pm job, then you probably would be crazy happy! And I want that for you!

So please write to me about your specific questions for your voices. Check out our website:

Check out the Voicercise Singing Kit It really is amazing. It really does handle all vocal problems. And it comes with a guarantee (Significantly improve your voice in 3 months or your $$ back). Lot’s of tech support. And we’re here to help you.

I really, really want you to sing the way you want to.

See ya!

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Blog Comments

hi my name is marie I have two songs on youtube  I wont to know if iam singing mixed voice belt that one song god will

Yes, absolutely singing is about A LOT of work. Anything you want ot be good at you have to WORK. I agree there is no simple one word answer to everything. I love singing, very excited to work with you soon.

It's good to hear from you. I'm so sorry to hear that you are having some trouble with confidence. I know how frustrating that can be, when you don't know exactly to practice and what to do to fix the anxiety on stage!

I want to get you help right away. I can see how important this is for you. Having certainty that what your voice is doing exactly what you intend it to do when you are in front of people is one of the things I think confidence is all about. Would you agree?

Hi, i am sinign as Mabel in our school musical Fame and her song mabels prayer is one heck of a sogn but when i practice at home alone or in my room i feel so confident with the song im on key and everything but on stage it feels like i stop breathing then i miss my cue then i just stop singing and i dont want to do that on show time… (my show is one week away) and my confidence is so low beacasue kids who cant even sing are making bets that im goign tto ruin the show…what can could i do?

Any muscle that is too weak to do the job you need it to do is always going to take more work to strengthen. You will definitely feel it a bit more. Keep working at it, and it will get easier. For more help with this, go to our site voicercise. com

Oh, I'm so happy to hear! Having certainty that what your voice is doing exactly what you intend it to do when you are in front of people is one of the things I think confidence is all about.

That takes training your voice and exercising the muscles you sing with. All 8 muscles groups. The stronger they are the and the more they obey you the better your sing and perform.

I just would like to say that I think this really is a great video because it really made me feel more confident about myself so thank you so much for that! I also practice everyday so my voice can become better!!

Yes! Isn't that wild?! There isn't anyone who can hear and speak, who can’t also sing. So I will not teach you ‘how to sing’ I don't need to. If you sing, I will help you sing better. If you don’t sing at all, then start.

You sing with eight singing muscles and they control the air that we call the voice. These muscles behave like any other muscles that are not used. You get your muscles stronger and more under your control and you can sing the way you wish to.

Please don't believe that you are hopeless or are doomed. There is a lot of misunderstandings about the Diaphragm, and pushing air out. The Diaphragm is the muscle that brings air into your lungs and pushes it back out again. In other words it's how you breath and if you are reading this your are alive, so you are breathing (lol) and your diaphragm is working. What you need are proper exercises to strengthen all 8 of the muscles you sing with and your volume and high notes problems disappears.

Someone said that metallica isn't talented? Who was that dumb ass xD I'm actually wondering is it really possible for anyone to learn how to sing? Sometimes when I see punkbands that have been playing over 10 or 20 years, the singer still sounds way off (sum 41, rancid). I'll assume that they had some kind of professional training

thanks Naomi, Im told I have a beautful voice but I panic on those high notes and my throat tenses up every time. and my breathing stops and the pushing starts.. im frusfrated and ready to quit

HI Angie! Wow, I'm so sorry you're experiencing that! How long have you noticed that happening? You can check out my video on How to sing high notes. Your tongue is one of your 8 singing muscles and it helps you to hit higher notes, improves your tone, volume, resolves your throat being tired and tight and a lot more. It's important to know how to strengthen it, control it, use it and the other eight muscles you use to sing with.

I have a problem with my volume and pushing from my throat. I have to sing in a lower key to get where I need to be but it doesn't sound as good and my throat is sometimes sore and raspy after I'm done

Yes, you are doing something incorrectly that is causing you trouble singing, making higher notes harder to hit easily and creating a nasal sound. The Air that is your voice flows thru your throat, so technically every one sings thru their throat. However if your singing muscles are not open enough, you get tension in the throat and neck because the air that is your voice can't flow easily out of your mouth. Doing the Voicercises every day will help open up your muscles, and fix it. .

Hey Naomi, When i sing it sounds like my voice is stuck in my throat or a nasally sound.. how can i fix that?

Fear of cracking is the biggest people have of hitting high notes. And it makes you back off from even attempting to hit higher notes. Higher notes are made by your vocal chords vibrating faster. It's more work for them and if your singing muscles aren't strong enough, your muscles never get accustom to singing them properly and you never will. But by doing the Voicercises every day it will give you the ability to reach the notes and safely get you past the cracks, with confidence.

Good videos…I'ma subscribe. Plz check out my originals and tell me wat u think

Plz check out my vid…give me some tips..I'm a songwriter ans aspiring singer…Ty

HI Emma! I'm so sorry to hear that you are having some trouble with getting your high notes out. I know how frustrating that can be, when you don't know what to do to fix it! Have you seen my "How to hit high notes video?" You'll be able to get some answers there. : )

Hi Naomi! Theres a video of me singing on my channel, and it's a self produced song called "Words of love" . Would you be able to listen to the 20 second snippet and tell me what you think? I want some tips from a professional like you 🙂 thanks!

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