How to Sing Better – What to Do with Voice Exercises

How to Sing Better – What to Do with Voice Exercises

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Hey guys! I’m giving away a year of free voice lessons to one person through a new annual scholarship. This year it’s worth over $5000.

The scholarship includes:
A year of one-on-one voice lessons with me, in person or via Skype
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My Zen of the Stage: Performing in the Zone DVDs –
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Application period: May 1 – June 30 2015.

Check out the 2015 Nail Every Note Vocalist Scholarship here:

Having trouble figuring out what voice exercises are for? Here are ideas for how to apply voice exercises to songs to help you sing better.

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i dont get wat the piano was for?

great video on this topic!

Nice Advice Adrienne!!!

Found it really useful

Awesome series Adrienne, thanks for taking the time to share your tips for free

It's all about integration. Right on Adrienne.

Great advice and very practical.

Great stuff, Adrienne!
Thanks for sharing.

Makes sense. Maybe I should look into some of these vocal trainings. I've always winged it on the little bit of vocals I've done, with decent results, but who knows if I could not do much better with some focused & guided effort?

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