How To Sing – Fastest Way To Learn How To Sing Better Part 2 – Easy Tone

How To Sing – Fastest Way To Learn How To Sing Better Part 2 – Easy Tone

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Blog Comments

My voice is so disconnected that I can sing without any voice.

I think, if possible you should make a short intro your youtube with a song to make it more better. I like and try to learnt from you. Thanks for sharing me your love.

i have a cross jaw, and sinus…..its fucking hard to me to do any easy tone, im thinking on quit that…traning about 1 year, its its been so hard for me.

I bought your system about 9 years ago.  I think I stopped midway through because my work schedule changed.  Is the system pretty much the same?  Are new things in your current system that are not in the system I have?

hey hey! Well this is an interesting take on it all, but have you heard about – the SonaVoyce Complete Singing System program (search for it on GOOGLE)? I have heard some super things about it and my best friend got outstanding results in singing with such power with it. I am convinced enough to start it myself. 

No matter how much I try this, it hurts my lower throat. I'm so confused as to how to sing properly -_-
If I just knew what it's supposed to feel like, then committing to the practice will be no problem, but I want to do it right from the start.
Any advice?

lol, yes, they are twins :3

I'm watching this so I can sing in public without humiliating myself. lol

gr8 tips

This is amazing! learn to make beat ->bit.ly167YznB

lol i cant omg that was funny they are the same person


I sound like a dunkey when I change from chest to head voice… 🙁


I actually suck at singing. Is there a way to get better?

dose it really work?????

Thanks for the videos helps alot

hey brett! i thought a good free lesson would be to cover how much patience it takes. I know youve covered this extensively but i know for me understanding mix didnt happen until i actually felt something different inside my voice. The words and terminology didnt click until i felt it all . I guess thats one main difficulty in teaching only through videos and not having that other dimension.

He looks like Jeff Winger from Community.

This tip really helped

….. My bridge is in half…

the funny thing about it, is that 9 persons gave like to his comment xDD

I was humming and harmonizing with him.. It twas beautiful.

That's the joke.

Text message at 1:16

The transcrip is just hilarious!!! 😉
.."bruno was you're making that easy town"… LOL

you're amazing like always Brett Thanks!!

Hey. I have a problem. I'm 29, and my voice is frequently cracking. Even when I talk. I've taken sporadic singing lessons, and right now I'm studying musicology, where I also receive lessons, but I cannot seem to get rid of it… Any advice?

me too

I find it easy to sing higher notes in headvoice,, but around the passagio where I need to sing in mixed mode can be difficult,, if I start in chest and go up I tend to go a bit to high before I switch to mix and headvoice,, if I start in a high note headvoice and go down I tend to stay in headvoice very long before I switch to pure chest voice,, I really need to get the passigio worked out as I am atrue deep baritone aiming to sing high notes without strain..

it's cool to see somebody practice who knows what they are doing haha. Idk why it just is

The addam's apple should sit still and should not move up or down while warming up or singing



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