How To Sing High Notes – Kelly King Interview with Singing Success

How To Sing High Notes – Kelly King Interview with Singing Success

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Kelly King Interview with Singing Success

Recording Artist Kelly King talks about her vocal technique, how to sing high notes and her experience with voice coach, Brett Manning.

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Hi singing success 🙂 I'm Duwon. I wanted to be a contestant of X factor before I reach age 21 I'm now 17. I wanted to know if I could send you a video and your could tell me what it is I actually need to work on. Cause I can't tell which lessons to purchase or work on. Thank you! This means a lot 🙂

merry christmas !!!

It says "How" .This video looks to me like advertisement! I do not see a single tip or am I missing something ?

Heard a clip of her singing with ariana grande at a live chat a wile back but didn't realise her voice was this good! It's amazing!

What is that song at the end? I can't find it anywhere!!

Kelly and I go way back. She and I went to high school together. She's one of the sweetest people you will ever meet.

Never heard her before, but im sure i will be a fan now… excellent songs in the background

i second that-wow, Really nice voice!!

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