How To Sing High Notes With Power in the style of Geoff Tate | Sing better high notes | Vocal Power

How To Sing High Notes With Power in the style of Geoff Tate | Sing better high notes | Vocal Power

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How To Sing High Notes With Power | Sing better high notes

This video continues the series of how to sing high notes ‘in the style of’ and in this instance it’s Geoff Tate. In order to sing better high notes as a rock singer it is useful to have an understanding of vowels can be modified to change the overall timbre of the voice. This video vocal demonstration shows how I can change the timbre of my voice by some alteration of vowel placements and help me sing better high notes that are more in the style of singers such as Geoff Tate.

Michael Sweet –
Paul Stanley –
David Coverdale –
Steve Perry –
Rob Halford –
Rik Emmett –
Sebastian Bach –

Learn how to sing better high notes with power

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Blog Comments

I can’t get enough of your channel. You have the technique and range I wish I had. I can’t afford 100/via Skype but do you ever have sales on your services?

It's really interesting to see how you sing in Roy Khan style (Conception/Kamelot). Jeez man. Thats awesome.

7 people suck beiber cock

Suddenly Jeff felt a cold shiver going up his fucking spine. Sweet Baby Jesus dude. Fuck.

Could you possibly do Eyes of a Stranger aswell? I'm having trouble with that one (the line "the mirror never lies" kills me) because it's higher than Jet City Woman.

Epic – I came to tony a few years ago really struggling to sing well despite having an “ok” voice but with his instruction and frank talking approach I have extended my range and improved my style immeasurably. Tony is not only a great singer but a great teacher providing accessible methods to get you to where you need to be .. don’t get me wrong – its hard work as with all training but if you’re prepared to put in the work, he can give you the building blocks and guidance

Dang man, you got skills! I sincerely wish I could sing like you… Dang.


Your voice is like butter. Flawless!


Great singing. Thanks for the info. Its helping me put the singing jigsaw together! Cheers from Australia

Sir you are one of the best vocalists I've ever heard till date!!I am a true Classic Rock fan and want to be a rock singer myself..Thanks for sharing such stuff.It is very useful.Do cover more artists (like Joey Tempest-Europe, Bon Jovi )and singing lessons.Love them :)) Also could you please cover tutorials on belting and distortion at high pitch?


You are amazing, sir.

Newly subscribed, awesome man!

Thats what I f*cking love. You take recordings live. That permits to grab things from a natural sound makes the learning more easier.

What do you mean by keeping the EE vowel back?What exactly should i do?

Great video! Wow! I've been using the CLA plug-in, too

You're much better than the pedantic Ken Tamplin and seem a much nicer person! Geoff Tate can reach some very low notes too, and he often uses such a low note to slide up from, to one of these belted high notes.

ur few lessons and some more vids on youtube taught me a lot.. I m a guitarist who is a big fan of classic rock and heavy metal..atleast taught me how to sing my heart out without sounding bad

@Vocal Power I would love to watch a video where you cover some of the earlier and – I guess you could say more demanding – Queensrÿche material. Stuff like Before the Storm, or Neue Regel. Thanks

amazing bro, I want to learn

Will you do the European style?
Michael Kiske or Timo Kotipelto?


That was awesome.

dude, you appear to be a UK resident. 🙂 Any chance you do private lessons?? I'm by no means a beginner but I would love to learn a technique that allows me to rip it up vocally without ripping up my voice like I do sometimes. Your technique seems like the ticket. Teach me your ways! I'd be fun to teach, promise!! 🙂

Your a great singer Dude ,

Great Lesson,leaves me wanting more .

You're awesome! try doing take hold of the flame

With the recent controversy I can appreciate people making judgements on his person. However, it really bakes my noodle when people knock on his vocal ability or say he's "lost it". Listen to more recent performances of the track "Someone Else" and it becomes clear his voice has barely changed since 1994. Voices age, the guy is in his 50s. He was, and still is, one of the greatest voices in the industry.

This song while sounding easy when Geoff sung it is a very hard song to sing for a baritone in particular and even harder to sing the way Geoff does. This guy said it best. Geoff has a scary blend of technique and unique timbre. I'm a musician myself but unfortunately not gifted with much of a singing voice. I can hold a small tune enough to offer some basic backup vocals but I've always had the utmost respect for people with true vocal talent. I'd kill to have a voice like Geoff.

That all being said, I feel this guy did the song more justice than even Todd LaTorre does. That poor bloke had the unfortunate job of filling two huge shoes. Those of Geoff Tate and midnight. Both unique and incredible talents. Even though it appeared far more forced than it does with Geoff, it was a truly mind blowing rendition.

Kickass performance, you sound great! I'd love to see your video on what techniques are used power metal, like 'in the style of' Kiske or Sammet 🙂 Cheers!

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