How to Sing High Notes Without Straining in the Style of Jack Russell (Great White)

How to Sing High Notes Without Straining in the Style of Jack Russell (Great White)

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Watch the technique breakdown video HERE:

Discover how to sing high notes without straining using the large extrinsic laryngeal muscles. This video provides a demonstration of some soft high notes around the A4 and B4 range of the voice. Additionally, you will be able to sing high notes softly and with more control

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How to using diafragma support? I wait your videos master, thanks, greeting from indonesian

Great video. How is it called when he sings with the opposite to dry signal? What kind of effects are those?

really absolutely awesome. that is what to aim for . thankyou!

wow… .

bet you can't do mudvayne

Great! Really helpful and fun to see your comments about your singing techniques while we can hear & see you sing….. Love it! …. Thank you so much

j'adore bravo mon ami très belle reprise

Another great video, man. You're simply the best! One of my main issues is singing softly, especially in songs with lots of dynamics. I have no problem in singing with power, as in most heavy metal songs…. but when it comes to singing softly… pfffff… my voice always cracks through the passagio, into a airy falsetto, or I simply fail to hit the right pitch… guess it's all about air control and anchoring, as you showed in the video, without the need of too much pressure on the abdominal muscles, right?

I like Jack Russell's voice.  Sail Away is a great record.

Tony, you never fail to amaze! Love the "Estillian" explanations too. Very easy to understand.

Anyway, I'd love to watch you do "Jane" by Jefferson Starship (Mickey Thomas). Lots of challenging parts (for me), especially the lines "You never can win, girl," "Oh Jane, you're playing a game of hide and go seek, and "Why you fooling with me, me, me".

can you do the song by journey called seperate ways. it would be SO awesome to see you demonstrate it. i would appreciate it very much.

Hey man, love the videos. Any chance on a video breaking down M. Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold's technique?

Hey tony. Just a question, how do you gain a fuller, more resonant sounds when belting in mixed voice?

Why am I not seeing any Sammy Hagar? You've got a voice and the hair! 🙂

Hi, your video are awesome. You have a really good voice, I love the way you sing. I learn a lot with your videos. Thanks 🙂

Hey Tony- as always-GREAT stuff. One question, do you find that when you sing LIVE your bands that you have a harder time keeping this "non-pushing" thing going (for lack of a better term)? Seems that live, it'd be tougher to reign all this in and that you'd end up pushing.


Hi Tony, thank you for another awesome tutorial and demonstration of your understanding and mastery of vocal techniques. I love Russel's voice, too. I once recorded this one, and listening to your singing it makes me wanna give it a fresh try. You gotta love this song/band…  For me, it was seeing Bon Scott (on TV, for I unfortunately never got to see him live) that first got me to think I'd love to scream on a stage some day. 🙂 Cheers & Rock On  – JC

Can you sing a Jimmy Gnecco song?

Tony, Spot on as usual! This song has a lot of high B naturals on an EEE vowel! Extremely tricky unless you understand position, support, and vibrato, which you obviously do, in spades! Most impressive is the way you always seem to nail the pitch spot on, no matter what the song is. Another triumph in a series of videos which are highly impressive, informative, and intuitive! Keep them coming.!!!!!!!!!!!

@Mike Bromelow Thanks for the very kind words. I was raised in Canada for 10 years, eh? I'll check out your channel page. BEst, Tony

Awesome job!!  Curious what set up do you use to record your vocal?

Very, very cool! 🙂

Watch my demo of 'How to Sing High Notes Softly' featuring 'Save Your Love' from Great White. Hear the raw recordings of the high B4 notes 🙂

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