How To Sing Like A Rockstar – Must See Vocal Tip!

How To Sing Like A Rockstar – Must See Vocal Tip!

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How To Sing Like A Rockstar – Must See Vocal Tip
Watch my best vocal tips all in one playlist:

Vocal exercises and tips to help you develop your voice like a pro!

In this video professional singer/songwriter David DiMuzio gives free vocal lesson teaching how to sing more like your favorite rockstars For more details on how to improve your vocal range; How to sing higher, how to sing longer, and how to sing with more power watch my other vocal lessons

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Blog Comments

Like Frankie said I did it my way, no Frankenstein involved

I got an underbite its diff ugg

Sounds like that other vocal coach, tony from vocal power

Me: oh this makes sense

Heard him sing: wait what?

Did he say Frankenstein?

Is he gonna sing like Bon Jovi?

Omg what’s happening?

i have a lisp now….gimme my voice back …dang


It's Is My Life, by Jon Bovi.

Nice and short tips, i realy want to try this but tomorow, cause i dont wanna grass fork and torch surrounding my house

???? cut ur throat ??

You sound like James labrie

Omg my saliva is drop on the floor hahaha

I want to sing like Tina turner

This is quite helpful tyty

Shit well I have bad teeth so nvm to my rock and roll dreams ??

No, thanks.

I tried to follow the tips… then people came and put me in a strait jacket

great tips

But what if you sing a sad or a more dramatic song? It would look weird if you smile all the time, right?

I cant keep my tongue in that position to save my life lol

Could you do one on how to sound like John Farnham.that would be amazing.

Nice! Is your goal to cover 80's/early 90's rock stars or make original music?

I thought it was “like frank said I did it my way”

My voice is so tiny…and fresh but i dont want that… I want my voice like slapshock…i hate my pp voice..

….. Franky said I did it my way

Looks exactly like jared from Silicon Valley

mike patton disagree with that

But Cobain had Bronchitis as a youngster. Bob Dylan too. Some people have reflux and coffee fucks you up real fast ( 30 secs). If your voice goes really low, you know you're good. some people are not affected by coffee at all. Smoking, i find does the slightest of difference. Optimal for the refluxers out there – No coffee 🙁 – yeah i know – No cigarettes. But that is OPTIMAL. Once you do the coffee, it's over for 24 hours until you sleep and wake up basically. The actual singing technique – go fuck yourselves. There is no such thing.

Trying this little tweak out and it is helping to get some of those slightly higher notes out. Been awhile since I've sang much of anything or practiced exercises, but the ab work lately is helping all this to come back. Tried your tip on Kamelot – Karma and Kamelot – March of Mephisto. It definitely helps even things out a bit.


When I put my Tongue forward I sound like Ozzy Osbourne after a bus crash

Nah that ok thanks anyway!! Ha

Thanks man this video has changed my life now I sing just like Elvis Presley thanks Mega Shake

Im into thrash metal but oh well

Thanks David!

He looks like eric church

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