How To Sing Matt Bellamy songs – Muse cover –

How To Sing Matt Bellamy songs – Muse cover –

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Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin coaches how to sing Matt Bellamy songs – Muse cover _______________________________________________________
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Blog Comments

Sings better than Matt!

Great stuff Ken..

If he can do Bjork i will die.

matt have a unique voice because he has a particular difference of size in his tooths an the shape of his nose, I guess

it's a waste of money singing for me? Thanks please let me know thanks kind regards

This is stunning! In some parts of these songs your voice is almost as same as Bellamy's. I'm amazed. Hands down, man! ??????

Your voice is so beautiful!

I'm a hardcore muse fan. I actually thought this was super cool! Sure it doesn't sound identical but you really do make your voice sound like him. Wish I could even sing to begin with lol So cool! Lots of talent!

You are amazing!!

Why are people hating so much? This was great

This Muse song has such an older U2 vibe.

Forgot about this tune! Great job Ken. Killed it of course! =)

Amazing job

You’ve got a great voice brother but he’s got ya seated solely on the fact that Matt Bellamy’s originality just trumps us all…he’s singing his music, no one can supersede that ya know. He is original. And I love it…
Love you you too man keep on keepin on, but Matt Bellamy is absolutely on top.

Bellamy has a very English, neutral voice and is a slighter build.
The singer has a very noticeable American voice.
Very interesting.

People hating don't even know that Matt's voice on songs has filters on it and your sound it's (I think) very raw.

A thing nobody can copy is…emotion…even if voice is good… Matt Bellamy's style doesn't mean Matt Bellamy's feeling… Matt Bellamy's voice is not just a powerful one…but also a very emotionnal one ?

I play the piano, but have never been able to sing, I would do anything to sing like this….. Almost 50 now, I think something internally would snap if I tried…

what is the conclusion?…

Amazing, you can do any kind of style of singing

1:44 was difficult haha

I was reading the comments, disssppointing?


Holy crap that was amazing.

Awesome man!


Lots of critics here ought to pull their heads out of their asses. Ken isn't saying he sounds like Bellamy, but saying he's using the same techniques. Obviously tone will vary from person to person, and Matt has a very unique voice. Matt is also one of the best vocalists alive. Does that mean Ken isn't good? No. He's doing great at all of these songs, his technique seems to be spot on, he simply has a different voice.

Nice control ! You should do whole songs from MUSE…

Thanks Ken!!!! MUSE was what got me into singing. I wanted to sing like Matt Bellamy, i don't think i've got quite the voice for it. I tried doing Microcuts and it sounded like i was castrating a cat! However i moved onto other artists and songs that my voice could handle. You did a good cover, well done Sir!!

i'm a muser, but you sing really nice.

Now micro cuts, showbiz, feeling good, exo-politics, i belong to you and many other difficult songs

This is actually pretty good

This is quality content, sir.

I'm impressed! nice work.

your voice is so much alike like the guy from U2 lol

this is probably really easy since i have a full range voice.

I hear you was at your peak but great job keeping good tonation in this extreme 🙂

Thom Yorke!


and now sing space dementia, cave, dark shines and micro cuts

Oh god… the Matt Bellamy fan boys in this comment section are so toxic

Holy fuck. I was not expecting that. You, sir, are awesome.

Lots of whining fanboys here…jeez.
Cool stuff, Ken!!

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