How to Sing / Rasp and Distortion for Beginners / Singing Lesson / Vocal Tip

How to Sing / Rasp and Distortion for Beginners / Singing Lesson / Vocal Tip

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How to Sing : Rasp and Distortion for Beginners / Singing Lesson / Vocal Tip


In this quick video tip master vocal coach Kevin Richards shows you how to start adding rasp and distortion to your voice. A great tip for beginner Rock, Pop and Metal singers.

Basically what we are doing is getting the false cords to vibrate. The false cords sit just above the vocal cords in your larynx. By getting these vocal folds to vibrate we can create a vocal distortion or vocal rasp without hurting our voices or throat.

Care must be taken not to push a lot of breath support through the false cords or there will be vocal strain. Too much breath support from your diaphragm and you will overload your false cords and the muscles of the neck will tighten.

Start small and without a lot of volume just to get the feel of the rasp started. Gradually over time, as you get used to making a raspy distorted sound, start adding more breath support to the distortion to make it louder.

Don’t try to make a loud rasp right away, start with short bursts of sound on a single note and work to longer periods of vocal distortion and then add more notes to that rasp.

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Blog Comments

I'm 26 and my voice just broke, i went from singing like Liam Gallagher in a way to full on van halen, I've got no idea why.


“Oooooooooooooo” Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Thank you

Any tips on how to sing like Tom keifer from Cinderella he had an amazing voice I was wondering if u can look him up and then do a video on him?

Can't even do the base sound, so frustrated I can only do Fry :c

That tip is incredibly effective! Thank you so much !! ?

It work but it hurts my vocal chords ?
What I suppose to do?
Please answer

1:22 Deep Purple era David Coverdale

This sounds like its all coming from the throat, i've always been taught to never active your throat?

I just get confused by all these vocal distortion tutorials. I dont know what part of my vocal chords im supposed to be manipulating, i dont know how it's supposed to feel when i do it right, etc.

Ah awesome I did it but went a little too far so I’m gonna practice smaller tomorrow

A question: do you change the "focus" of the distortion for higher pitches? for me, a death metal/growl vocalist it's pretty easy to get the lower pitch tone. But when I try to get a higher tone it's like there is a barrier between them, like if the technique used for the lower tones is way different than the high ones. When you get higher you say "it does not sound here (signaling your throat) but here (signaling your cheek)", is there something special about high notes in this technique?

Hey thanks man this will help is it good to do these every day or will it harm me

Normally my voice is 3 octaves, but with this technique, i start from my lowest A and i cant even go an octave higher, the distortion goes out at G, is it normal? Am i doing something wrong?

OMG you're so cool!!!! Thx for your lessons!

when you start off mapping that muffler sound, is it a fry noise or something?

How do people get it automatically? I keep trying but I'm so used to singing with my soft palate that I can't do it, I want to sing like Gerard Way but I can't sing with even a little rasp, is there an easier way to explain it maybe?

Kvlt as Hell.

Am I doing it correctly if I have this Warm Sensation in my chest

when I try this, I start to cough, is it because of the newness of the technique or am I doing it incorrectly

im sorry but i started dying at 0:30 ??

Humming vocal distortion sounds like a tamed tiger!

Most definitely has the Hetfield vibe. After reading the registers section on "vocal fry" in your book "Breaking The Chains," I'm curious about how you might explain that technique of distortion. It reminds me of a method Mrs. Cross teaches (is she an associate of yours? I think she's in N.Y.). I have yet to view a good vocal coach youtube video on the subject of "singing" with vocal fry – actual notes with fry distortion/rasp. Most of them are teaching screamo style using vocal fry. Some refer to "false cord" distortion, i don't know if that is synonymous or different from "vocal fry" distortion.

Is it possible for me to do this and not destroy my head voice? When I've tried other techniques I've ended up having my head voice become very airy/ not work.

You look like a real bitch for apologizing if you where sorry you wouldn't do it "simple " so live your short life there's no time to be sorry not even enough time to stop the bleeding just keep moving an dont look back any who fall leave them or die

he reminds me of james hetfield oh my god ?

Anyone trying to do growls (like Åkerfeldt, in example), this is one of the best tutorials for that technique that I stumbled into. The sound at 0:30 is the basic thing you should learn. Always make sure it happens above the throat and that there's no pain. If you're coughing, you're doing it too low. Do it above the throat. Also, barking like a dog helps. 😉

Thank You Very Much Kevin-You Are The Best Teacher on YouTube!!! 😀

So, I'm having a weird problem. I can scream/death growl without any pain for like an hour and be able to talk easily afterwards. No problem there.
But this, what I really want to master, I keep doing horribly wrong. Any other suggestions on how to figure it out? Or am I just gonna have to do trial and error?

I am using diaphragm support by tightening the stomach but I still feel discomfort in my throat?

hello! am Josephat. I like the way you teach. am a beginner for this lesson, but my problems is when i try exercise my voice go away, so what should i do to keep my voice on!?

Hey Kevin, could you do this on any given day? I was able to do this once and know exactly how it feels. It doesn't hurt you feel the note in the back of the head (top of head if really high) and you kinda squeeze. I felt the resonance curve. No pain whatsoever so I think I was doing it right. But I forgot how to the next day. It was like trying to remember a dream I just couldn't do it. Has this ever happened to you on your journey to becoming a singer? When you were starting I mean lol and how can I get it back?

Is there a way to sing with light rasp? I wanna sing like my favorite singer, Kat Dahlia, but I wanna add the rasp. If you listen to one of her songs, I think Im in Love again, you would know what I mean.

tried it twice,… started coughing like an 80 years old smoker

James Hetfield type thing 😉

Your voice is amazing man.

Wow that went from 0 to 100 real quick TT_TT

Thanks for the tip man!
by the way you look so cool like Shawn Michaels with that hat on!

You make my ears bleed you pesant.

You remind me of corey taylor. More of a stone sour tone. I dig

I'm reading to give up on trying to figure out how to do a rasp correctly… it's like an angel teaching a human how to fly.

I did the EEEEEEEEEEEEE thing that you did right in the beginning and it immediately felt scratchy and made me cough.

Is that first sound basically like throat bass from beatboxing??

Right, first I'll have to noise proof my room. Either that, or the practice will take place in the nearest forest. Else, neighbours will panic.

Hi, im new at this and it doesn't hurt when I do it but, when I bring it to a higher pitch is it normal to feel like my uvula is flapping around?

Hello Kevin !
Im trying to do that high-range rasp thing kind of like Chester Bennington from Linkin Park, do you know what technique he uses for that?
Especially in the song "Crawling" My voice sounds too "squeezed" when I try to do it. Do you think the problem has to do with our voice types ? (im a Baritone and he's tenor)

Thanks !

When I do it, I can do it; and it sounds good. But the problem is it's too heavy. It's great for Metallica or seether, but when I want to do nirvana, or a raspy hallelujah it's just too heavy. Any tips?

Hi! Great video!!! I´d like to know if the tongue has to be in any particular position, or the air should be focused in any area of the mouth. I´m really trying to get the raspy voice, but at the moment I´m finding it very difficult. I'd appreciate any help, thank you!

I don't feel pain but I feel pressure in my head.

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