Key Glock Type Beat "Switching Flows"[Prod By Damnkc]

Key Glock Type Beat "Switching Flows"[Prod By Damnkc]

Key Glock Type Beat "Switching Flows"[Prod By Damnkc]

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It's back bagging again lit bro

Money on deck can I buy it rn

Say bro this is “ MY BEAT #KristianKodak
I paid you for the whole beat & copyrights & I got receipts my nigga ! I cash Apped you the Money my “ G “ THIS MY BEAT !!! Y’all look up “ DubzUp” on Kristian Kodak page !!!! This lil nigga a hoe




These niggas be talking iant worried
We swerve on yo block by the curve
Yea I trapped out the curve
Hit the mall then I slurge

This is fire bro check me out i got heat


The exclusive

Toooo aggy ??

all she do is dance alone
i just wanna rap


Bro Money on Deck Where do I Cop this At Like ASAP!!!!!

were do i buy this beat

??too bumping bass on point ????

Where can I lease ?

Chorus-Switch my flow X8switching flows when im on the mic,slipped up once so I wont slip twice,fuck the state and fuck those cuffs,fuck the judge,and fuck my luck,5 years down,so i aint goin back,twice as a kid im talking all facts,5 years later now im touchin real racks5 more years got me touching big bags,fresh off the jet now I hopped on a plane,big ass chains symbolizing my fame,bad ass bitch trynna fuck the whole team,fine ass bitch trynna get me to sing,fuck a song and fuck jacquees,thick ass thighs trynna  in between,wet as a storm make it rain in between,2 purple cups trynna get me to lean.

Hey damn kc 2:02 is sick!

Whats the price ??

Pull up chop shit, i aint i chinese tote chopsticks
But thats outa topic
You shop at hot topic
I like to floss shit, thats just that boss shit
You can get sprayed, claimin u bang
Fuck and get robbed for your chain
Nigga you lame, we aint the same
Fuck what you thought. this murder game
You want the fame, i want the racks
Then pull off in my Bmer mane
-treed and freestylimg srry

Poto dans le bat ya que des feler
Jvoulais me lancer dans le rap on ma dit fêlé
Les bosseur sur le rainteur gros son celib
Il sont occupés à debale le celo
77186 on est grv vnr
J'arrive dettere et débrouillard comme feneu
C sur le bitume que nous on a saigner
Tu peux ramené t u19 et t senior

Rien qu'il parle de moi je calcule ap Ta raison
On verra dans 2ans gros tkt pas Ta raison
Devant lopj gros ferme ta boca
Écarte toi vite avant que le coup part

Dis à t rappeur je leur salam passe le salam

On dans la rue que pour le benef
Si ta pris le poleine poto faut que tu rhallas
Ta concu je la gray je la machouail comme du malabar
Si tu veux ton bout la toi la va laba
Jsuis un soldat du N.O.I ya personne qui danse à la gare

Kc dis shit fire bro keep it comin

damn kc ….

??? heat otw

The Flow ??? .

Lit ??


this is smooth bro keep that up

i got headache ???????




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