Lil Baby x Future Type Beat 2019 – "Family" (prod. by Euro$)

Lil Baby x Future Type Beat 2019 – "Family" (prod. by Euro$)

Lil Baby x Future Type Beat 2019 – "Family" (prod. by Euro$)

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Lil Baby x Future Type Beat 2019 – “Family” (prod. by Euro$)
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Lil Baby x Future Type Beat 2019 – “Family” (prod. by Euro$)

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Blog Comments

MAE ????❤️

I got that foreign money, yea I got the euros
I know real, but I only know a few tho
Add it up, I got the money, add it up, yea I got score
I'm ballin, they calling, they want more
The fake got me entertained but too many, now I'm bored
I hit it so good, she call it a piston
Can't stop me impossible,I'm on a mission
Only fuck with the real, RIP to the fiction
Praying on em like I'm Christian
They iced up for sure, I pulled up they stiffin
Got so much ice hanging on my neck, I feel like I'm chillin
Don't talk about me, its deadly, you gonna make em get back to the killin

I'm tryna take my family out the struggle, you know what I'm feelin?
Do you know what I'm feelin?

bro is this sold?

Fire beat bro! For real ??

Free Non profit use ?

Where can I purchase this track? I can't seem to find it through your website.

Can I use for non profit

It’s fire ? ???

send me link to buyno capp

God Damn

How much to use this beat???

Bro im trynna buy but it wont let me ???

I emailed you



Bro can I get the link to buy this rn I’m going to the studio to record tonight

Dope bro ? check me out i got heat leased the beat and made a song

Yo , I’m finna buy this beat but I can’t find it on the website

very nice man smooth af with it my guy! can you check out my latest beat?

Rolling up
Po me some drink ain’t no throwing up
Go the club an we tore it up
We pulling up in foreign truck
We throw it up we don’t give a fuck
Applying that pressure don’t test ya luck
Cause we keep the semi right in the tuck (x2)

Recorded something 2 this check it out


can I buy

Yo you got talent! you have dope songs! Subscribe in return!

Found this beat from here, actually a really good song

I wanna buy this beat… Serious Inquiry

Where did you get that 808 from? If you dont mind me asking

I’m just a young nigga in my prime
I was in hell plotting on my time
Own niggas switched on me yeag they ditched on me like damn yeen even slime
I keep a Glock on me

I’m gone tell y’all now …. it’s over wit I promise ???? I’m gone have sum crazy coming ?

Family Over Everthing Foe that's family over everything the ones closes to you and bring you down and bring you pain take care of business and just stay the same you gone see who real and who change fake love i can't even feel the same got this blood ruining thru my veins free brazy ya he locked down in them chains had to hustle and go and get maintain shawty ya she really love me but i know she can't these bitches for everybody know they won't claim tryna fly uh private jet gotta make out the projects ya they whipping pyrex ya you gotta make it stretch

I wanted to buy the WAV lease for this beat, but I don't see it on your online store.

killed it boss ! ??? check this out

One day I'll make a change for them( better days2x) but where I'm from it's always gonna(2x be the same)

I'm bouta kill this.

I promise this is going to be the best version of the song you will ever hear!!! Check it out

Gotta hit to this shid you tryna go viral with the YouTube drop?

I just made a track to that beat be on the lookout

i can’t find this beat on your beatstars

Killed this beat ??‼️‼️✨ MUSIC VIDEO ON MY PROFILE ???

I wanna buy this beat hit me up [email protected]

I don’t see an option to lease this beat

bro you too hard ? , I just subscribed let’s support each other


do u know what i spent on these glass
counting money laughin i dont smile for real i feel like eveybody fake so i couldnt let my down i like running up

Dropped a like for this. Beat is ?, checkout my latest upload

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