Lil Baby X Quay Global X Gunna Type Beat "BEEN ON" [Prod. By ZachOnTheTrack X Sensei LaFlare]

Lil Baby X Quay Global X Gunna Type Beat "BEEN ON" [Prod. By ZachOnTheTrack X Sensei LaFlare]

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Blog Comments

This a Hit fasho ??✅

I fuck wit it!!

Do not miss out on me

I need this beat asap

Dipset piano rift pattern in beginning .from the old sample .zach good find!

Im bout to blow up

I hate im late please get at me

Was Up Bro ..i Need To Lease This Beat

This beat done right by some OGs

Dope ass beat

Can we link ??

This beat is from slim jesus

This shit too hard..


Slim Jesus killed this beat with "Drip Heavy"


I feel like this is a Hit Baaaaabbbbbyyyyy

?????How much?

I'ma get at u on this track bro!!! I got a heater with this!!!??

Think I’m blocboy, how I pull up hit yo block boy

That I lost myself somwhere i dont know where im goin. I try to find myself cant deal w these emotions. Drugs done got the best of me n i keep on chokin .im sick of drownding someone save me fro7m this ocean.
Yo im sick of drowning, get the fuck from round me ,if u tryna clown me i dont need that ,gotta bitch around me and she the only one who even care about me,if i not what it seems,im tryna stay clean,the world keep on weighing on me,ya my family be prayin for me,i dare. take one more baby from me,u wanna see gangsta keep playin w me,gabriell daddy he love you ill never corrupt ill never put nothin above u sometimes i just wish that your brother could meet ya,u growin up so fast u learnin new things wish i iteach ya,im sicka the features w faggot ass rappers that thinkin they nice but they actuelly trash n they ruin my tracks w they corny ass raps .assure me its gas send back the master u rapperz all ass.
I moved back ro maine i was livin in florida cu i needed change aint nothin change
Nobody loyal no i had to go i went
Back on the road.the only time im actuelly happy is when im playin these shows. Fo sho…


Seem like everyone they only come around when they down and or thwy need sumthing. Wen i was down and out they never came around ,covinced me id never be nothin ,2019 u gon see somthin,ya my dreams coming ,wen they playin my music they mean muggin.take advantage of life and go be sumn . Ima die tryin.i been on the sidelines for to long .gotta move on ,if u stuck in the past u wont make it to far.
If i want it bad enough u gonna reach for the stars .i admit i scars,but the pain it gon make more stronger tmr,through every rainy day theres a brighter tomorrow,i got drive like a car when it come to the music confusing my fans w my albim this year cuz before i had plugs i abused em 2k19 i just got me some new ones ,keep ya friemds close but yo enemys closer,i aint got no friends i got very few true ones,

Bree verse )

Staying focused , chasing dreams, the only way you gon make it , we livin in a cruel world, its a dark world, imma show you how to make it. Just take my hand and we can make it through, oh oh oh
Gotta look for the sunshine and make no regrets, you only livin once so help keep yourself in check. Gotta be responsible and make those right steps. Baby I got you no matter where we go, it’s us against the world and I’m a ride or die fosho . I always try my hardest to make your face glow, imma keeper ohhhh
Imma pull

We gotta grow up sometime, but my time came soon. I kinda feel like Peter Pan in never land who never gotta chance to stay young away and gotta grow up , gotta grow up up

Lil baby X quay global, guna type beat “been on”

Didn't slim jesus just use this beat ?

This beat hard bro, Keep Grinding!

That's a fire ass beat bruh.

Did slim Jesus use this


Keep saying ya ready for that pressure, fucc around make me wet ya nigga os is the demand, on sight nigga no playing now that's pressure.SoSouthernEnt


Making a track to this soon


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