Make Beats With Over 50 Free Drum Kits 2017

Make Beats With Over 50 Free Drum Kits 2017

Make Professional Rap Beats For Sale With over 50 Free Drum kits

Free Drumkits & Sounds – This section of the site contains free drumkits, sounds, presets and vsts you can use to boost up your musical production. Whether you’re producing rap beats, EDM tracks or movie soundtracks we have a large selection of free sounds, soundbanks and loads more products you can use to in your beats or tracks.

Hip Hop 101 Drum Kit – contains over 1400 amazing kicks, 1300 dope snares, 650 hats and much more! We’ve bundled 8 of our popular producer drum kits with sounds inspired by Alchemist, DJ Premier, Dr Dre, Just Blaze, Kanye West, Pharrell, RZA & Timbaland.

Boom Bap Drum Kit

Free Hip Hop Drum Samples

Free Drum Loops – These free Hip Hop Drum Samples come from Sounds in HD Vol. 1; our very first release from 2008. Inside are 30 samples of Kicks, Snares, Cymbals, Claps and Percussion. Sounds in HD Vol 1 was a big hit in online production communities and allowed us to expand and keep making more drums for music producers.

Free Vinyl Fills #1 Hip Hop Drum Pack

DJ Pain 1 released Free Vinyl Fills #1, a free collection of drum fills with a warm vinyl vibe. The vinyl fills pack contains 30 free drum fill samples in total. The fills are provided by DJ Pain 1, as a free download for anyone interested. DJ Pain 1 has produced tracks for artists like 50 Cent, Ludacris, Public Enemy and Rick Ross among others, so grabbing a free drum pack from him is pretty much a must for any aspiring hip hop producer.

Royalty Free Hip Hop Loops Samples & Sounds

Free Hip-Hop Samples Vol. 1 –  Free Hip-Hop Samples vol.1 from r-loops features five FREE fully mixed and mastered Hip-Hop construction kits. You’ll find Hip-Hop drum loops and one shots shuffling hi-hats and percussion loops, deep sub basslines, vocals, premium-grade melodies, synths and riffs, huge sound effects and loads more.

These Kits are designed to secure you the placements you need, 100% Royalty-Free and ready to drop into any sequencer or sampler.

10 Hip Hop Claps

Beat Box Drumkit

Roland TR-505 Samples Pack

Raw Hip Hop Drums

C-RAM’s “Straight From Da Trap 3” Free Nexus XP – Over this past year CRAM has dropped some dope free kits and nexus presets for the producing community. This is the third (and final) addition to the “Straight From Da Trap”

Free Boom Bap Drum Kit

Classic Rap Drum Kit 2

Free Hip Hop Drums

50 Free Vinyl Drum Fills

Unlock Below For More Dope Free Drum Kits

Make Beats With Over 37 Free Sample Packs 2017

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