Meek Mill x Casanova x Young M.A Type Beat 2019 "0 Degrees" [New Rap | Hip hop Instrumental]

Meek Mill x Casanova x Young M.A Type Beat 2019 "0 Degrees" [New Rap | Hip hop Instrumental]

Meek Mill x Casanova x Young M.A Type Beat 2019 "0 Degrees" [New Rap | Hip hop Instrumental]

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New hiphop/rap beat produced by A2 ! If you like it Subscribe and hit the like button !


Meek Mill x Casanova x Young M.A Type Beat 2019 “0 Degrees” [New Rap | Hip hop Instrumental]

Meek Mill x Casanova x Young M.A Type Beat 2019 “0 Degrees” [New Rap | Hip hop Instrumental]

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Blog Comments

Why You hyped bro
Is it cuz this beat is basic
Nownyou missing shots
Like a rifle inna matrix
open their eyes lasik
Bombers getting dropped
Cuz I’m running outta patience
You rappers like lipo
Cuz y’all just be the fakest
Lyrically you popped
Lost every bet like u in vegas
You think we tight bro
I done seen them statements
You be snitching to the opps
All my homies seen the pages
And the fact you got gratitude they ain’t thinking yousa rat
Behind the mask that attitude yousa pussy you a cat
Moving fast like you better do before your ass get slapped
Fuck your past, niggas mad at you
You cant even rap
Whats a stab lil nigga (YUH)
You just do pokes
Sitting up in walmart
Yelling you want no smoke
You just sad lil nigga (bruh)
You just look like a joke
This shits bad lil hitta
Ima come at your throat
I been plottin on your funeral
Well one for your side thats artist
Think we rocking you delusional
You rap like your fucking retarded
Boy just stop it now you losing bro
Please dont get me started
Clout capping catch you snoozin bro
Done gave yo ass a target

Ima grab you by the brain and ima deal you mental damage
Cant escape from the flow ima drop you several hammers
You just fake dont we know
Lil foreign callin scamma
Boy in the striped pajamas
Ima teach your ass some manners
I can see 360 vision you couldnt see a panorama
You claim you from a set but wearing blue and red bandanas
Are you allright in the head
Cuz your actions i cant stand em
Ud be better off dead
I can turn you to a phantom
Ima slaughter everything
but your crowd might be some bias
Pick out any beat
already told. you Better try it
My flow is unique
Yours is old thats why im flyin


Is this shit sold yet g

How can I purchase

I will bend this beat

All yo beats free?

Went straight dumb on this ☝

Even if you sell this. Keep it up here and put (SOLD) on it. It gives me peace

This is ? ? ? on repeat

Tf wrong with the bass

I want this beat

mark my words if the right artist get on this it will go crazy like panda

this shit is lit ,

Fire G


Free for non profit ?????

I just fucked yo bitch bumpin jodeci
I just hit a lick hope they know it’s me
Killers from the nicc only roll with me
Heart cold like 0 degrees
Every time I pull up it’s a murder scene
Back up in the trap with the shoulder lean
Bacc out with the strap made your homey freeze
Still mobbing when it’s 0 degrees

Gang home we gotta switch it up
Nomore liftin 40s up when they dissin
We the young big honeys now we send the hittas
Get with it or get laid down you know the mission
You know the vibes you pay homage or die quiet
Then shots fire hit him up he stay silent
No crying bout it

This is fire

HMU take this track off YouTube asap$$$!!!

smash ???????

I’m gonna purchase this one, no cap I’m dropping ? on it


A2 got the bounce

This beat is one of your best work just take my money now lol

This is Dope man. I freestyled on it rn and i feel like i just nailed it, props for making a bomb beat

And some Montana of 300 beats i know u can kill it??

Please do more Meek Mill x Casanova beats???????????

Brazy bro check out my latest beats bro

Bearly made it through a couple scraps
Couple man took dirt naps
Its a body bag fittin if the barrel claps
Now a days every body raps
Every body got GATS
But nobody wanna deal wid the come backs
I could never trust a bitch
But put that down to hood rats
I'm runnin laps round these dumb cats
Only talk facts
The shottie boom baps
Put a boy in a box for a couple racks


A2 is going off the rails everybody toss your fire to win cuz he's now a certified trap master a trap king ????????????????????????????

Fire bro??

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