Mixing Beats – How To Level A Beat

Mixing Beats – How To Level A Beat

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In this video I show you how to level your beats. Leveling is the biggest part of the mix, getting this right will have your beats 98% there.
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Blog Comments

The best explanation I've seen on YouTube honestly.

Only mixing video that helped me. How do I master though?

You are the Greatest man..I salute, you are humble and cool to hangout with.. I really enjoy watching your tutorials man..you the best??

this beat is beautiful

Idk how u manage to do it but you're literally at top proffessional level

Appreciate the video LifeStyleDidIt. Is there such a thing as too much headroom though?

good info. thanks bro.

looking for input on my mix workflow: (tear it apart plz)
for leveling i usually end up with
-snare at -15db, other percs a little lower but no lower than -18
-instruments around -27 or lower but always use stereo shaper
-bass level varies many times, n mono
-kick always on top, n mono
then i do my basic mastering within maximus and turn up the post and pre gain to desired level without compressing
How would you improve on this workflow? what things would you do differently?

Wtf…? i was just chilling and suddenly noticed the title of this video on the youtube homepage and thought: didn't he mean "How To Beat A Level" ? ???‍♂️? Great video btw!

Do you have or will you make videos expanding on reverb, compression ect ?

By far some of the best tutorials I've seen on youtube so far, so thanks for these bro. But I'm wondering, why did you adjust the 808's Channel fader rather than adjust it's Volume fader in the Channel rack?

laveleling folks!!!

Ok you know I have been going and looking at all your videos my question is if you pre level on the board and then put in the effects would that throw off the mix.

Nice tutorial, will defo try out some of these tips, thanks bro. got my sub. 1

whats the difference between lowering the volume at the mixer and the other one (pattern sequencer volume knob) ??

watchin all these tuts one by one your videos help me a lot bro thank you !????????

Yuh the best bro ,just soaking more knowledge ??

When I level my beats like this and export them, they sound way quieter compared to others that are uploaded on beatstars. Any help?

would there be a difference between leveling with vol. faders and leveling with the pre-gain before even touching faders?

The “bruh…” part ???

If you make your master channel mono, Can you still hear the panning? I thought panning put things on the sides but mono put everything in the middle?

What is the deal bout 0db?

Awesome man! Wish I could have seen the master levels of the final product.

So around what MAIN level should you keep your beats when everything is done

Great Channel always awesome content!! Quick question, would it be smart to start with every sound you have chosen at a -6 to -10 db to begin with and then level from there as 1st gain stage? Want to know if I should start there?

-5 0r -0.5

6:00 got me fucced up ????

Ooohhh man. FL Studio 11……xD why does this program fit perfectly for me when im making the beats i make. #Fl11and10Life. good tutorial dawg 😀

Fl 11?

bro great tutorial man! keep makin em your channel is super useful!! keep it up thank you

thank you so much lifestyledidit

is this levelling tutorial also good for like edm?

So excuse me if i missed this, but why did you turn the kick down from the pre gain and leave it at 0 and not anything else?

Thanks for the great video!

Thanks man, super straightforward and easy to follow.

Damn this is a good ass mixing tutorial ? ?keep up the good content bro

what about synth basses/other basses do you put those in mono like the kick and 808?

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