MoneyBagg Yo x Key Glock x Tay Keith Type Beat "Trappin" (Prod By ChaseRanItUp)

MoneyBagg Yo x Key Glock x Tay Keith Type Beat "Trappin" (Prod By ChaseRanItUp)

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MoneyBagg Yo x Key Glock x Tay Keith Type Beat “Trappin” (Prod By ChaseRanItUp)
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Blog Comments

Niggas trapping but they don’t a bag
Slide on me you know we can drag
Bitches out here going out sad
Look is Niggas is trapping for fun
You should cop you a lil gun
Her hair in a bun but you know it un tie
They hate me but you know I’m that guy
Posted on the corner only fuck with foreigners

how u do it bro 66k views in 4 days with 5k subs…teach me

Rede nicht mit mir digga ich mache Money moves habe zu viel drip ja es geht mir gut ich bin jackson bin zu krass ich denke nur an flouz und ich gebe dir eine bombe als wäre ich majinbu

Schöne Grüße an meine ex ey schöne Grüße an meine Fanbase deine bitch nennt mich Sensei weil ich flexxen in mein Bentley


You on to sumn homie. Stay on yo shit my dude.


I just made a Dis To This Beat Called (Do that) . I Fw it?


This is fire Chase!


U just got a new subscriber …

aye this hard i aint even gone cap lol

U got da message
I got the address
G.p.s my way I got blessed
Even though everyday is ah hot mess
I keep my mind clear
Hustle could be defined here
I got wordz to bring money here
If u not 4 sure, you'll survive here

The streets all the same
If u weak u talk complain
Me not today
I'm waiting for my new game

A pro hoe you get your hithats to sound crisp like that?

To hard man ?‍♂️‼️

Nutin but fire like the rest ur beat mane ???


Literally went to your page this morning to see if a new jawn was up. didn't disapoint!

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