Music Producers: Build Your Website In 1 Hour! [TUTORIAL]

Music Producers: Build Your Website In 1 Hour! [TUTORIAL]

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If you want to learn more about TV/Film Music Licensing, make sure you Subscribe and Hit the Notification ? so you don't miss out on any new videos or when I Live Stream! ?

So Far this has been great. I've got my website up, finished my songs, and I'm going to watch more of these videos. I'm going to take a video of what I'm doing, and hopefully when I'm successful, I'll send it out to you. Thanks!

hey i made my website but at the end it’s not saying anything about the first free year and the discount

Just some recent discovery regarding naming an album. I was told by a music library I submitted to that having the word "Demo" is often misunderstood because these libraries are NOT looking for demos. They are looking for fully finished ready to place music.
yeah this might sound nit picky, but word to the wise…Music Supervisors and A&R are not always the most "English Composition" oriented. So if they see something that sounds like unfinished works (like a demo ahem) you might be ignored and they will go somewhere else. So you might not want to use that particular word for your "Album."

At the end of this, was it more than just 36 cents a day??

Is it possible to create private pages with a name we choose, for example to send to specific libraries?

Jesse you are great thank you so much !!!! bravo brother

I don't get this. You can't buy a beat on the website?

Great video! Is it a good idea to use my producer psuedoname, or should I go by my legal name?

Great info, thanks Jesse! I have a website, but this was very helpful as it needs tweaking.

Thanks for taking time to do this video Jesse ….I've been putting this off for awhile now…but I followed your instructions and its up and running….last thing left to do is the domain part…my wife does a lot of web site work and she said this was a good deal…so again thanks for talking the time to teach us how to do it…some of the material has changed some on WIX since you did this vid …but I'm an IT guy during the day so I got it done and it's awesome…..

Hey Jesse, which would be best when making a domain name? Your personal name or your producer/ stage name or band name?

I have a beat site for selling beats online with best stars. Should I make another website for media Composing?

Hey Jesse! How about you make a video where you make a song from scrach? I Would love to see it! I realy like the way you explain everything , im sure I'll learn a ton of new things! Let me know what you think about this. Have a great day!

I want to thank you Jesse for making this video. I was going to do one for a friend of mine who needs to create a website. However you go into detail and explain exactly what you need to create one. Thanks again and as always keep music Alive, peace and blessings to you.

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