"Should You Master Your Beats?" | Beat Selling Tips

"Should You Master Your Beats?" | Beat Selling Tips

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Most people (Artists) like loud music. If an Artist is searching for beats online and come across your website with unmastered (low volume) beats they might click x and go to the next beatmakers website who’s beats sound loud and punchy (Mastered)

In this video I discuss why I think you should Master your beats when you put them online to sell. These are just my opinions, and you should always do what works for you


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Do you think you should upload Mastered beats to sell online? Drop a comment and let me know

yes .. minimal peaking

bro, I'm still having problems with getting the final volume right. I'm trying to reach around 8RMS at the loudest point in the track, but sometimes that's impossible without bringing the limiter quite high up and it squashes (gain reduction) the sound by more than 4db to get to that. What to do? ?, Also in the quiter parts of the song (no bass or kick) is 20-18 RMS ok?

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