Singing Lessons – How to sing high notes for male vocalists – Part One

Singing Lessons – How to sing high notes for male vocalists – Part One

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Part one of a three video series on singing notes at and above the break for male voices. Singing lessons in this video focus on accessing the upper register of the male voice and being aware of the sensations of singing there. Singing lessons Two and Three go into further detail and have more exercises to refine one’s technique and smooth the transition from chest to head voice.

More singing lessons and information at:

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You’re the best, I’m all the way from Nigeria ❤️❤️

Yo hold up this helped so much thank you!!!

What does Eric Burdon do when he sings House of the Rising Sun?. THIS high a with such a Resonance.

Nope, decidedly my voice refuses to go that high no matter what!

Hi Jeff can this video be applied to baritones too?

Love your vocal exercises I practice them for 1-2 hours every day after work. (Beginner male singer).

Oo why I didn't find this earlier excellent video

I'm number 457 on likes Thanks again Jeff! He does it again. Keep Sharing your gift!



Jeff, where exactly is the cricoarytenoid muscle and how would you describe the movement or feeling change heading out of the chest voice and into this region when reaching the break? What are we shooting for?

hi Jeff , just wanted to comment these videos are really helpful and am finding these particular ones for male voices wanting to reach higher notes correctly very useful , i wonder if you would listen to lament sung by Lisa Gerrard & Zbigniew Preisner and maybe get back with some advice ? as i am currently working on this piece , thank you

Hi Jeff, I'm 17 and my comfortable chest range is around a B2 to a D4 (up to D5 in falsetto), I start to strain around an E4. I would like to be able to sing some higher songs, Jeff Buckleys mojo pin is a favourite. With head voice training would this be possible or is my voice to low? could you give me some advice?

Hello Jeff! First of all, thanks for all the free videos, really awesome of you too share them!
I was wondering if you could maybe help me clear something up. I'm 16, and I've been studying music for 7 years. This year, I joined my school's choir, and I've been singing Tenor parts. Most of the time, I'm comfortable with the range, however, I'm a bit unsure of the way to hit higher notes.
I don't have problems hitting a F4, however, I feel a lot of strain if I try and go up even to F#4 or G4. Maybe that's because I'm trying to pull my chest voice and I should go into head voice, but since I'm not a very experienced singer, I can't tell if I'm going into head voice or falsetto.
For example, let's say I try to sing a G4. I feel a lot of strain in my throat and my voice sometimes cracks, and I feel that it becomes quite a bit lighter after that. Still, how can I tell if it's cracking into a falsetto or the head voice?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance! ?

Do you have any videos specific for Bass voices?

Hey Jeff! Making amazing progress using your AAA method. I've enjoyed singing as long as I can remember, but am fairly new to training my voice. Question: Sometimes when I'm doing the "woo" exercise I feel my voice crack when transitioning from head to chest voice, while other times the transition is smooth. Is this normal when learning? I also have terrible allergies/post nasal drip, which tends to make my voice crack so I'm not sure what the cause is.
Thanks for all the help!


I have been a singer for too many years with many teachers. I find your your work to be excellent. Thank you.

In 14 years of singing, but your analytical description of the muscles…thyroarythnoid muscle vs cricodarythnoid muscle, and looking up their location, gave me the understanding I needed. This helped me understand the "feeling" I needed to feel internally. As I experimented with where I should feel,…I think I got it.Thank you….

I sound like fucking Blue Cow from Storymakers when I attempt the hoot… Jesus I need a lot of practice.

man ur awesomeee!!

Jeff Roldka are you a high melody type or a low melody type of tenor?

remember to be_realistic – you'll have to do some work whatever_method you use_for becoming_a singer_I have spent months studying_different_systems and discovered_an awesome_resource at TurbosingingSecret. _com (check_it out_on gogle)

hello Jeff thanks , awesome video

Thanks Jeff greats video!
watching your videos from Brazil!



I think you meant cricothyroid?

can you do videos for choir version? Thanks you for all ur videos jeff

Super video! Thanks for sharing your talent and singing tips!

awesome your lessons are awesome!

Thanks Jeff love your skills helps me a lot .

Great exercise mate….thanks!

What excercises would you recommend doing on a daily basis to strenghten the voice?
Im tenor

Cheers from Sweden

super helpful

thanks for taking the time to make and post this video and lesson!  I've been singing for 10 years(not professionally) and going through has really helped me in some trouble areas.  Thanks again!!

Hi Jeff this was great and I'm following you're videos from few days now ! My only problem is my high notes break when I'm in continuous flow like when trying to do riffs and runs in a song. Is that only because of less practise or something else?

I gotta say Jeff – your videos are some of the few I can actually watch without yelling at the computer screen. TOO MANY coaches on YT haven't a clue how to demonstrate nor explain the techniques/approaches in their videos. I also like that you give examples of how it should NOT sound. So many coaches overlook this kind of example. I like your marriage of science with common language.

Thank you very much; I do appreciate your generosity in sharing this. 

Hey I'm back with a doubt 
When I do the "NO-NO or We-we " exercise .. in the lower notes I can feel myself struggling coz I dunno whether I should sing in head or chest .. thats my break point … plus I paused the video around 8:00 coz I didn't want to go furthur .. I first wanna master these then I should go ahead ( Am I right to think this way? ) And how often should I practise this? ( i mean I'm ready to do it everyday but I dont wanna loose my chest voice or ignore it , coz the keys played in "no-no " , I can sing in my chest voice ) .. yeah I'm confused :p

Thank you so much for making these videos, Jeff. I'm an aspiring singer from Karachi, Pakistan, and greatly interested in further exploring and strengthening my voice. I have been told I am a tenor but can hardly go above F4 these days with a very raspy vocal quality. Is there a particular order in which I should study your videos? Can I send you a recording for analysis? Any and all help is much appreciated!

These videos are very helpful for me to improve my voice! But I have a hard time doing things like falsetto or head voice. I can falsetto but not all the time and sometimes it is not clear. How can I achieve a clear falsetto or head voice? Are there any warm ups for these things?

All your videos are super helpful, thank you!

Great videos, Mr. Rolka. I have learned a lot from you. Thank you for sharing.

I have a question for you, though.

I haven't been training my voice for a while, so I've found that it doesn't sound as clear as it used to be (obviously). Now it does sound a little wispy when attempting the siren sound and some of the high notes (G4-A4). Is there something in particular that I could do to correct this, or is it just a matter of practising until the voice gets back in shape?

Thank you so much!

Hey! 🙂 Thanks for all the singing tips. I just got a question: I've been trying to figure out whether I'm a tenor di grazia or a baritone. My voice can go to around a Bb2, but I can sing all the way up to E5 in what I believe is a mixed voice or somewhat strong falsetto. I found it noticeably harder to sing within the ranges of about G4-A4, while notes like Bb4 to about C5 are much easier. Also, I seem to sing with alot of strain; I can see my neck straining at low notes: like around G3 to A3. Do you have any exercises that you can recommend to try to alleviate this problems? Thanks, your videos are great!

Beeeautiful!!! Im late in finding out about you but since then your warm ups are amazing. Ive been discovered I can hit notes in the whistle register(mariah carey fan lol). What would you suggest for a warm ups/daily exercise routine for a male? Thank you so much for entertaining this question, Love the videos, God Continue to Bless.


Love your videos! Really are helpful. Thank you so much. 

Great video… I seem to pull chest allready at around C#4,, but probably not strange as I am a bas-bariton in nature… 

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