[SOLD] Bryson Tiller x Drake Type Beat – "Let's Try Again" (Prod. VITALS x Jabari)

[SOLD] Bryson Tiller x Drake Type Beat – "Let's Try Again" (Prod. VITALS x Jabari)

[SOLD] Bryson Tiller x Drake Type Beat – "Let's Try Again" (Prod. VITALS x Jabari)

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RAW FILE NAME: how bout now

If used credit : Prod. VITALS x JabariOnTheBeat

● Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/jabarionthebeat/
● Twitter : https://twitter.com/jabari_voss
● SoundCloud : https://soundcloud.com/jabari-voss


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Blog Comments

Can you pls stop dropping banger after banger my man daammmn Son you’re really on FYE at the moment no one can stop you huh i’m really feeling those bryson tiller trapsoul vibes

That's a dope beat dude! Please check mine and let me know how to improve https://youtu.be/TjK9hUD7_D8

This is a realllyyyy good instrumental

Modd ting ‼️?

Mind if I use this

I just subbed to you homie. I'll definitely be copping up on some tracks soon. ???


I used this beat, how i do???? support me!

I'm sorry I've been sleeping on you bro ?❤

it aint just all about money. room full of felons i proved to em 77 billion dollars aint compared to 100, 000 niggas that love ya…

Bpm ?

This is soooo good ???

ook, let's break some hearts

what key or scale did u use with the melody? 🙁


Damn!! That drop throw me off? wasn't expecting it ????

Y’all see what sewerperson aka 9tails did with this ITS STRAIGHT FIRE! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iGk4q1EKULQ

can I use this on a track fam?

Dope beat men !

I just came up with this, last night

oh my godddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Respect

Might needa use dis fw soundcloud?? https://soundcloud.com/wreckgs/choppaflow-ft-lil-chopzz

dope track, love the vibe, love the drum formula


You been dancing and dancing for no reason
I can tell you been singing no one to hear it
But today is there a way can visit
Just to hear you sing a song and I’ll listen
Wait for you to take it off till I kiss it
You was right he was wrong girl I get it
How could he not tell you been distant
Well I’m here and you can tell that he isn’t

So can you drop it drop it for me
We chilling staying in the whip staying low key
Best of friends way more than friendly
Intuition is telling me
That you the one

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