[SOLD] Isaiah Rashad x Mick Jenkins Type Beat – "Truth In Fiction" (Prod.By R.Gibson)

[SOLD] Isaiah Rashad x Mick Jenkins Type Beat – "Truth In Fiction" (Prod.By R.Gibson)

[SOLD] Isaiah Rashad x Mick Jenkins Type Beat – "Truth In Fiction" (Prod.By R.Gibson)

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– Rashaan Gibson


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If u woke read~??

The truth is that we are all dying
The movement is rising stop sighing
I swear i feel loopy I’m fine,
Man I’m stuck in the matrix
Dumb shit all the time
That I’m seeing, can’t take it
Fuck off with that fake shit
Yo asses won’t make it
I’m asking for patience,
Pass ashes, I’m facing
The blunt Yes I laced it,
Im tasting the hit,,
She a classy lil bitch
So she finna get dick
And she see through the mist
That’s surrounding the kids,
The top is controlling
but not in my crib,
I’m making my world so I’m safe in this shit,
I’m savoring life till I die in a ditch
And they will not control me
Cuz I give no shits,
The water is poison don’t sip out that bitch,
My fingers I’m toiling, waiting for this,
Your life is a lie
If you stuck in the matrix,
So Why you be waiting
Cuz soon you’ll meet satan,
I’m taking my time
In my mind, I am making
A world of creation
you won’t catch me faking
I ain’t fazed by nothing
Cuz yes I done made it,
And no one gon take it
So do not be playin
You know what I’m sayin
I know it’s insane but it’s part of the game,
So just keep on playing and make a new way.

I’m want this beat. For real

Me and a couple buddies kind of slapped this beat 🙂 check it out https://soundcloud.com/giftoflazarus/birds-eye-view-ft-eyetheprophet-t00m3r

I’m interested in buying this beat

Good jobs broski

damn nigga i need this sample

what a masterpiece.

why does the rising notes on the piano sound like the intro to RuneScape lol

Damn bro I like your style this sounds like some from trees and truths

I just used this beat, check out my latest post n lmk what you think.
(Your beats are gass as fuck my dude keep grindin)

Who did the artwork

this is so cold, the drums are hot and that sample is fire! good shit my g.

sounds great man keep it up 🙂

Lately seems like everything's shit, wake up every morning pissed, standing in the rain, ducking all the shade, waiting for my grave, hoping today will be the day, Iv been playing with the blade just to control my own pain, nothing ever seems to change, is it the effort that I give or the effort that I don't, is it lessons that I learned or the ones that I won't, do I swim sink or just float, watch friends turned to foe, got me going ghost, emotions on an overload, more shit my concisions can't bare to hold,

Wrote one of my fav joints to this shit lovin the waves mane

Streets cold his hearts no different
Frost bitten
Bitch listen
Real lies
True fiction
I'd love you
But love gets you killed
Standing on the block
Ready to pop at will
Keep me free
I won't be the next story they share
Down the streams
How she polished her nails
I always yell
End up where these waters fell
Hard as hail
Been going
Hot as hell
Sounds of the ocean
Glock press ears to shells
Some of these stories you don't get to live to tell
Snakes in the rainbow
Sun in the water
And when it comes down to it
Just like my father
Beauty of the dream
I sleep through tomorrow
I worked for all this
Still unstartled
And when she fall for me
Interests like car loans
She riding me slowly lost in the dark roads
Waterfall continuous how my thoughts flow
Playing sincerely by the moonglows
Treat feelings like objects and move those

Keep it up???

Bruh shit go hard asf ?

Holy ⛪

Oh..my…sweet…jesus ???

Fire asf?

That drop was so unexpected ??

Dope vibe mane, still joint smooth af ????

This is vibes ??

felt this one, stands out from the the sea of beats on youtube, good job!

This beautiful my nigga

Quite worth the distortion,
Feelings I keep in the ocean,
Miles away,
I mislead the hate,
Love peace and propagate
It’s not hard to bargain, with the devil for something, I’d rather keep my soul,
Time invaluable, water insoluble, love infallible, watch me falll, watch me falll.

Ain’t it funny, we always running’
Towards, away or in place
Joy of a moment, the smell of her shirt,
the moment we had, the second diverts,
I lose my mind, after I lose your shirt
Who the fuck am I? think we cursed
powers that be won’t even let me hurt,
powers that be won’t even let me skrt,
Made peace with 6 ft uh dirt,
Told my mom I’ll be home forsure
Nowadays I don’t know if its even worth


Quite worth the distortion,
Feelings I keep in the ocean,
Miles away,
I mislead the hate
Love peace and propagate,
It ain’t hard to bargain,
With the devil for something, I’d rather keep my soul,
Time invaluable, water insoluble, love infallible, watch me falll, watch me falll.


This more than fire this straight drop????

Bruuuuuuuuh ?

Where you guys get all this art from?

Damn I know you woke

Theres a truth in the fiction all you gotta know is what you truly representing,
is it drugs and depression
Or is it love from a angel who will never be mentioned, not sure if you get the message, but you get the message,
all i know is what im messing with never had the best of intentions, but i never paid attention, wrote my pain into a page while i was in and out detention, goddamn
All i know theres a truth in the fiction
All i know all I know is the remission
Cant distinguish both of them they so distant
Like shordy living far from a distance
Like fourties that i pop, like a piston

New sub. Keep on grinding I support the hustle ??

Dang… That stutter step is nuts! Respect

Analyze your mind
Through deception
Is it all in my mind
Is the question
Im guessing
With all tbe tough
Times tbey tell ya
I aint even worried bout failure
Why would i crop on a picture
Im only one nigga
Its only one ticket
Outta the hood
Once i put the ball
Down then im out for goods
My niggaa out for goods
We need broccli shrub
I know some people
That die for love
& died from love
Who cried becaused
They never find enough

? ? ?

I can hear JID on this beat ???

Fire like brimstone

I want to lease this beat but it’s not on the website yet

sample on point??

So good ! ! ! How bpm?

damn love those drums


Major??? Keep Going.

GANG ???
Traktrain Link In Description.

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