[SOLD] Lil Baby & Gunna " Switching Sides " Type Beat 2019 (Prod By RNE LM)

[SOLD] Lil Baby & Gunna " Switching Sides " Type Beat 2019 (Prod By RNE LM)

[SOLD] Lil Baby & Gunna " Switching Sides " Type Beat 2019 (Prod By RNE LM)

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Lil Baby & Gunna
“Switching Sides”
(Prod By RNE LM)
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-? Wav TrackOut $150
-? Exclusive Rights $450

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Blog Comments

Don't go switching sides

Who tryna collab


DM me on ig to hear this full song??

This is great!

I got a crazy hit to this!!!!!!

Who ypu sold this beat to

Switching Sides I almost die talk bout a brand new wife is she gone ride i hope you fine as wine all around time tick Tock

This is the best!

Yeah lil lux ohh Gucci bitch f u on cruise Bitcoin give me the flu f her on the cruise it's cool man no shit is cruel bih it's all coin man it's luck man I sign checks lil mosey my brother fr bitch BALLIN frack it bitch call the racket signing we sign it dolla hoes foriegn whips pull up in da ghost ya OG rover f u on da cruise it's the damn flu bye bye cruise f u on it too get on I the likky sticky man pull it

damn boa ?

I wanna by that beat and it's rights

I feel sorry for whoever bought this beat cuz I already know I got tha one for it and iss droppn regardless ?

You switching sides you switching sides yea like why you lie why you lie nahh you just like them other guys you was never gon ride 2x

Verse 1
Im in my bag I run up I run up I run up a check all my old hoes trying to come back hell nah stay yo ass where you at no baby this is not that I’m just trying to secure the bag ima make all you hoes mad I’m making it to the top you think ima stop oh I’m not ima stack up all the knots tall hell nah I won’t fall yo man want me to give him a call I’m like naw that was yo last straw

Can I use this beat please ???

Wow i was coming listening to this beat everyday!! Finally SOLD!!!

BRUHHH? ITS SOLD????? Is it still possible to lease the track?


This is aight

Since it’s sold does that mean nobody can buy it?

Somebody bought? ! I'm depressed now

Who purchased this ??

FIA ass beat ??????✅?

Hard instrumental

G. E. T. M. O. N. E. Y. Beat so hard make u wanna do the g 5 u already knw fuk nikka dat i spit fia catch a nikka slippin dats da end of his life wanna knw y cus a nigga gatta get paid no mask o. So u know a nigga bear riddin round slow wit da hatta blockas on ready go get scoped jump out da car let da muffle off da ar arm will hit ur arm an lnock a muscle off

This beat go hard as f××ck

??coldd! Subbed bro check me out if u have a sec ??


Look me up please..ShunteriaBryant i have videos but I wanna blow up..n you n I together would be dynamic!! 2546723802

Beat is already great but on .75 speed its a whole different vibe ?

Switching side switching sides
Switching siiiddeeesss
Telling lies telling lies
Telling liiiieees
Made you cry made you cry
Made you cryyyyy
Close yo eyes close yo eyes
Close yo eyessssss
Close yo eyes lil mama
Gone wipe then tears
Fuck the bs
Ima put the past in the rear
(In the rear view)
All the lies you told
You could’ve just kept it real
I did you wrong
So just tell me how you feel
Cut me deep
Girl you left me wide open
Pop another pill
Now I know fasho I’m rolling
Should’ve left
But I just kept shit going
Sipping codiene and sprite that’s my potion
Smoking og out a wood and it’s potent
Seen you change up and you know that I know it
But I stayed even when you wasnt Loyal
When the shit hit the fan I seen you hit the door

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Yea these niggas be switching they sides yea , no I dont understand u lied yea , u was sleeping on me in the night yea ,got these niggas they slide wit the pipe , if u wanna get it then im right here , im boo'd wit yur bitch in my white chair , call me rozay I rock all perform wear , baby blues on my feet for the snow year , gotta watch for yur homies they snakes too , they jus be all around for the clout juice , gotta stay on a hunnit , heres round 2 , I pull up in a lemon got crown jewels , aint no switching I stay to myself boo , if u play me I shoot through the gate too

dope shit

cool tune loved it i got 1800 w pioneer bupin it

Im gonna mp3 lease for now. I wrote sum flame to this shit!! Dope track!!

Boss man check your email get back with me ASAP thanks

hey man i was woundering how much is the beat to purchase and use as a
single ? please work with me on the price . you can contact me at
[email protected]yahoo.com or [email protected]gmail.com

Bruhhh ???

I just got my 36th victory in fornite

U can’t be fucking with the either u with us or aginst

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? in hiphop beats almost is always fye…shit tough sulute

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