"STAY" – SiR X Isaiah Rashad Type Beat | Prod. chillingcat

"STAY" – SiR X Isaiah Rashad Type Beat | Prod. chillingcat

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Blog Comments

1. I heard this beat too loud
2. Neighbours called police
3. Police came
4. Police arrested neighbours..

Can you please stay with me
Through out the night and let me hold you
I don't want to feel so alone
Cuz thinking about you makes me feel so crazy
Can you please stay with me
I'm grasping on loose straws baby
Just the thought of you makes me crazy for you….yea crazy for you
The nights when we walked together
We were actually at a state where we loved each other
And now its like your just a pretender
Or maybe you just think i dont matter
Oh no…..Oh no…..oh no oh oh…..Oh no
Can you please stay with me
You've been on my conscience lately
Especially everytime i listen to headspace i think of you
And i know there's nothing i can else do
Can you please stay with me
I swear this is driving me crazy
Because i need answers from you
Yea i need answers from you
I dont think i can do this at all
You had me pinned up against a wall
I never felt like this at all but for you, yea you had it all
And i loved it all from your hair to your smile
To your personality to your style
To the way you walked to the way you talked
The way you brightened up my canvas when it was clouded with faded chalk
Just one last question…..
(3x Can you please stay with me)

Ecoute les battement de mon coeur ,Jai mal ,je sais pas si tu le vois ,
J lui répond que je suis pas le bon docteur ,
Mais elle veux que je la soigne ,
que veux tu que je lui face ?mis A part lui mettre dans le dark
Je ne lui toffrirai pas la terre
Aimé sans condition sa fait mal


Cuộc gọi đó a vẫn còn đây
Chuyện tình đó dường như đang dở dang
Ngoài tầm tay
Có bao nhiêu cô đơn gần kề
Ngày dài bộn bề troi qua

Nice vibe ❤️

Drake needs this beat

I have lyrics for this beat

I know that you just wanna fuck
That im not your idea of enough
Probably just think of her
And I'm doing it all on my own
That isn't my smile you're waiting
All this bullshit is complicated, but

I lay myself again in your arms…
Is so wrong but im running and turning back your side

I don't know how iam alive
All working study and cry-ing
Waiting for future, but future won't wait all for me
I was dreaming, we wore married
Kids and weekends
Is so tasteble, but Iam not your enough
Iam one, idea of fun
As can take when you want
My mistake is so typical
Is right, myself as guide
Sometimes I act like a blind…
My mistake is so typical

I lay myself again in your arms…
Is so wrong but im running and turning back your side

Can i use this for a song? Always with your credits

umaga nanaman parang may kulang ..
himayin at sindihan na natin
pagbagain baka sakaling
makalimutan ang lahat ng mga problema
kahit pang samantala


i love this beat

Sounds good, feels good

이 비트 사용해서 사클에 수익창출 안하고 사용 가능한가요?

매 ><

Sade vibe dope

Where can i buy this beat?

Damn my man going off… For real tho. Earned my sub.


i love this bro, got a chicken little type vibe

Btw Isaiah Rashad is my cousin

Yo j'ai une chaîne ou je post des freestyle allez voir 🙃
En été le j'voit l'soleil perlant sur mes yeux
Dans te oreille des promesse sur l'oreiller
Des parole consciente mais ensommeille
Des je t'aime endormie lors de long veiller
L'ete passr et s'efface fallait s'en douter
Au fruit de mes passion je n'est pas goûter
Sur une instru soul je fini par m'souler
Les heurs coule et s'écoule j'ai encore couler
Ma bouche pâteuse me dit que j'avais m'ecrouler
La danseuse Continue même dégouté
J'lui demande de rester juste pour m'ecouter
Mais Elle tourne les talons mes sa veste cloutée

Pourtant j'ai tant de chose a dire mais
Plus rien a faire elle me regarde
Et me dit plusieurs fois que ce n'est pas ces affaire ça ne la regarde pas
Tu n'dirais pas sa si j'etait millardaire
Un fils a papa
Tes comme un papillons d'nuit proche d'un lampadaire
Prend ton fric
La musique c'est arrête
Son physique fais que je retente
Elle fini de s'apprêté
Paré a prendre la tengeant
Elle s'en va au loin demarche chalouper un train a courser
J'lui demande encore une fois de rester juste pour m'écouter


Stay? No way, you must be so happy with me, getting lyrics everyday and songs of how I love you and how I wish you'd stay but I am the one going away. Save your ring and save your necklace, all you care about is yourself and your boobs and ass, you are filling me with babylon i dont wanna hurt anymore please dont tell me you wanna do plastic surgery because I want a fucking house and a family. Should I work my ass off to fix your body so you can feel happy, and then youll change and chase every other man, like I dont know where this is heading, you say it youll do it for me, but you dont trusty love and how satisfied I am with your body, you dumb woman, how could you be with me when you know Im awoken spiritually, me knows no material, no love source coming from babylon, fuck you all fuck love, im gonna out my disguise and from now on nobody would recognize me, you didnt see my size, but anyways i wish you to be happy with another man, holding his hand, i wish you never feel how i felt with you, cause you never knew how much i loved you and i love you still. This is my goodbye, read the news, a man put a bullet in his brain over a woman who dissappoint him. Goodbyecruelworld

Start 0.13

Is there any way that I can get you to stay
Cuz I want you now, want you more than any thing (2x)

Baby tell me how your feeling
Tell me if it’s true
Every single chance I get I’ll always choose you

Put you above every thing Cuz
you’re number 1
Stay with me and talk about it
Swear that i will never run

Is there any way that I can get you to stay
Cuz I want u till there’s nothing left of me

Would you leave me now if I can’t measure up
All these niggas lying messing with ur trust

Why you always choose them
Even if you loose them
It’s like you never lost thing

Even I can see it
You know she’s the reason
It feels like there is something missing

Is there any way that I can get you to stay
Cuz I want you now, want you more than any thing

Is there any way that I can get you to stay
Cuz I want you till there’s nothing left of me

As vezes na vida parece que a perda é tão grande
mas ninguem sabe a verdade, nem por um instante
queria eu ser um amante, mas sou apenas eu, um passaro cantante
ela me puxou de lado, e me falou, o que eu não queria ouvir, ela me contou
ela sonhou com fama, chama, ou queria so alguem melhor, não me engana
me deixou naquela noite e jamais perduou, um erro que eu ja cometi, como foice
foi embora, naquela forma nessa hora e não vingou, o que prometi, aquilo que se foi não volta
a casa é sua aonde foi? Naquela noite, me deixou. Não quis entender, sem perceber
tanto sofrimento, em seu coração tem um peso, eu nunca vi isso mesmo,
entendi quando foi tarde demais agora a nossa vida se foi naquele cais, voce voais tão longe de mim
aquilo que se foi não volta não, se transforma e compri sua missão
aquece a emoção e o futuro que vejo não demora não,
a sua disperção, que eu vejo em mim, andamamos cada vez mais perto do fim

Loved deez soulfull chords man damm subbed

That Rnb & Soul vibe🔥✨

Tell me the truth and I’ll say that’s enough
Tell me a lie and I’m getting my stuff

this ones a gem MS. whoever tf chillingcat is. he got rhythm. its a lil off beat in places but still passes since this dn blues and grooves. ifwi hard please keep promoting these typa sounds. in love with the real instruments

Anyone know where tf the lyrics are

Anyone here from tiktok??

TIk tok anyone?

Sooooooo cozy !!!!!!!

what a beat this beat is driving me crazy!!!


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