SZA x Ella Mai Type Beat "Movement" Trapsoul R&B Instrumental 2019

SZA x Ella Mai Type Beat "Movement" Trapsoul R&B Instrumental 2019

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Blog Comments


You need to be famous ( from a french girl 🇫🇷)

i love that .. so i can chill
thank u

Wii, its a game found out how the play on all emotion spiritual physically in a weighs of the foolish when they acting shit in the air a the script i share to voice now they using them again the words of a prophet calling of a lust spirit say we trying to make you feel good these type curse daily the speaking now checking mean if in god form these voice from from now the say we got nothing for'em ,after they say that they say victim and dudes and check say give him a heart in jesus name nope not insane then playing on that ass again they the new cast you getting famous dead or alive they call me anti christ ,old man ,the devil the run the streets dam we want to see you in heaven R.I.P the are comments my voices speak to me plus a Nemesis old friend because the piont to him in the treason , she yelling to her friend I'm genius the city , the town ,they want the W,because that name the aisle they state claim ,old gangs ,new gangs ,old friend no new friend because what family and beside them they speak curse on my pocket whats saying should took the mark of the beast in ,after my faith to fucking with my asshole and my dick the people so rude ,cause the ruins start with family voice push homo on him not my mix,they on some gay shit,they spoke in a legion form say we the saints you having to us go suck a fat dick ,hell no fuck that shit so they through rest in peace again they trying him him and the say they should get an ward for the wickness this god plan for a mended heart they all damn me to hell after I reject everything that they spoke after harder after Jay Z drop elm city boyz here I go now no lieing they they said they lions God doing what can for a medium ,Die for you city what they said to him , new friend nope no friends ,family had to cut ties because I was hearing them add kin to they took my senes from start from school where i was going to study law for I can see more for my son wont see his daddy broke ,try make me to for tis ride after I prayed and read the bible witches started lurking in the air they still there laughing say don't get lite O.G states, thinking it be these hater they want out the way for they can give the title to another step sister with someone i consider along time ago best friend son mother and him got together they trying to give it all over again Philippinos chick too that what say you'll see truth they want my whole life grimmy my city trfff new gang ,old gangs home no resturant but they serve nothing but broken heart this every day her mom too ,annoy him to his dead this what the voice of god do Im confusing nothing rightous in those moves and after some bad in my situation they say thank you jesus and then thank you Marquise Nichols its like God let them do what they want to do so if Im gone they plans fell through

anyone else having trouble with some of his samples from his sample packs

Just like the title


Please find the beat of this. <–
THAIBEATS I think it's a bit.

I’m getting on this




trap is bullshit
just whack

Love the bass 💯🙏🏽


Hay quá !! …Cảm giác "Thaibeat" ..cách từ này được phát âm => hình như a là người VN ^^



Bad news my guy loop stacks isn’t working

This beat is the best

Subscribe to my youtube

this was released today but i'm pretty sure i've heard this before. anyway, i see lee hi haha.

Dope 🔥👍

Aie aie aie c'est exactement ça qu'on veut


Good job 🙂

Crackin 🔥🔥🔥


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