"Twerk"- Trap Type Beat | Cardi B ft. 6ix9ine Instrumental

"Twerk"- Trap Type Beat | Cardi B ft. 6ix9ine Instrumental

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“Twerk”- Trap Type Beat | Cardi B ft. 6ix9ine Instrumental
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Can I buy this

All night umma party cause umma rockstar shawty looking like cardi she like to pop bars smoke weed like marley yeah umma r-a-s-t-a so excuse me pardon I'm the s-h-o-t-t-a!!!…


Shake that ass
Baby i want you to twerk

She gone get that money
I know she gone work

Just cause
you shaking ass
It dont make you a hoe

She got her own money
She aint broke

Play my song
In the club
Bet they spazz out

She got ass shots
She a lil bad thot

Im a boss
Never been no broke nigga

She want a kiss
But I aint on no love shit

Im a g
My nigga
He on blood shit

Georgia peach
I met the hoe in florida

She say
keep going
She like bae
keep going

I be stuntin
She know i be stuntin

If she wanna fuck
Know she gotta pay

If i throw it all
Know i got a safe

Swing that sexy hair
Its all in the way

Ass up
Face down

We got a bag
Know that bag
In the duffle

But show em that ya momma
Made a hustla

She aint never seen no real money

They throwin singles
Im throwin 100s

She like ice
on that pussy
Put my chain on it

Im a real nigga
Aint no lame on it

Baby got a ass
Lil frame on it

Shawty lookin like
she want my name on it

Throw it all in the

She gone get the money
She gone

If you scared
Go to church


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