V-Drums, MIDI drum kits & Drum Kit Designer – Logic Pro X

V-Drums, MIDI drum kits & Drum Kit Designer – Logic Pro X

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Mapping electronic drum kits such as Roland V-Drums to Logic’s Drum Kit Designer kits. How to map incoming note numbers to any drum without changing the note-numbers sent from the pads. Includes additional tips.


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bro, this was an amazing explanation of something that i havent found anywere. You just gained a subscriber!

you are a life-saver, thx very much. excellent tutorial.

5:21 my tutorial is so lit no ones gonna give a damn about elephant

Thanks a lot !!!! Very very helpful

Thats superb Man! Thanks!

Thats one nick nack patty wack, of a header track pack track stack!

Thank you!

There is no "Re-Assign Track" on my new midi instrument

Brilliant!! Thank you!

Is this video about how to record with electric drums in logic to midi?

Thought this video would help me remap my Akai MPD218. No luck, but I did figure out that all I needed to do was hold the [PROG SELECT] button on the MPD218 and then select Pad 4 and then it was set to chromatic–mapped the same as if you would play it from a midi keyboard–basically the industry standard. Actually selecting Pad 8 after holding [PROG SELECT] button on the MPD218.

Now this video can help you change that, but I followed along and my note mapping changes did not register on the musical typing window or on the MPC218.

shittiest tutorial ever

Thank you A LOT! I had big problems with Machine Drum Designer mapping, with this tutorial it should be easy now!

I wish all tutorials were explained as well as this one
Studio life would be that bit easier
Well done

My Friend, thanks for the tutorial. It is amazing! I need your Advice! I cant seem to make my hihat work propperly on the SOCAL+ kit. So the hihat pedal just closes the hihat. But when i play the hihat keeps open.i cant play the closed hihat. Is there a way to add the hihat control pedal on the midi enviroment so i can control when it's open or closed? OR fix it via mapping, couldn't find a sustain pedal enviroment. Or mod wheel … i've been searching a lot… But i cant seem to make my hihat pedal control the hihat. Also I didn't find a way to fix that via my eletronic drum. (It's a e-pro live with the redbox module) Do you have any advice? I would appreciate it! Thanks a lot!

Hi, go to the kit window i.e stadium kit click on the bottom drop down menu arrow, change input mapping to v-drums 😉 But your way works too and you are very informative!

I love this tutorial, but I was wondering if you could please help me how to map, for example, different patches to my vdrum triggers, please? I would like to patch the orchestral sounds to different pads in my kit if that's possible? Thank you!

Is this kind of mapping still needed with the new logic having the drum map for vdrum.. if so what are the benefits? I'm a drummer with a Roland TD10 who was using Addictive drums but now forced to use Drum kit designer? Has drum kit designer taken over from addictive, superior and the long awaited SSD5…Great tutorials by the way!

Can you sound a little more borring..:-)?

Dont suppose you know how to actually get sound from hpd to record in logic?

Really I'm so grateful. The fact you took the time to explain an otherwise incomprehensible strategy is extremely selfless of you. I am a professional teacher-it is my bread and butter communicating complex ideas, simplifying them to be more readily absorbed. The way you explained this was exceptional. I can now use my Handsonic (bought today) as intended, to trigger vst drums in Logic. Roland owes you an enormous debt of gratitude. You are a thoroughly decent human being for doing this. The fact that you sound almost identical Stuart Lee makes it all the better.

Thanks again.

Hi, I want to trigger my 2box module sounds with midi grooves from logic but the mapping is all messed up, how do I go about it?

Very detailed tutorial, thanks so much. Will have check out your other Logic drum tutorials.

Hi – I'm trying to record drum tracks with a Roland TD-6 in a very basic way – I am usually happy with the preset sounds as they come out; however I have a continual problem with drum hits 'disappearing' on playback. Hi-hats, kicks, snares, you name it, they disappear off the playback at will. I can solo a drum track, play it back and (for example) a whole bar or two of hi-hat will not play even thought the notes are visible in the piano roll. Sometimes, I can play back the same passage straight away, and the notes will play. Go back again…and they are silent again. It's driving me crazy! Any help would be much appreciated!

I cannot thank you enough for this information! After a lot of tinkering and finally coming across this, I've got my alesis dm10 all mapped out. The only issue I still have is getting the hi hat to play the correct sample, such as open hats, closed hats, and partially open hats….I've been reading through forums from years ago with this issue and haven't seen it resolved anywhere yet. Any help would be very much appreciated, but again, thanks so much for the information you've already given with this tutorial!

Awesome video! Thanks! I have my drums set up and mapped just how I want them. Then, if I add an audio track, I loose the drum output (in the display, the input is recognized as I play the drums but output reads "No out"). How can I fix this?

Many thanks to the Author of this tutorial, helped me a lot, had a trouble with mapping my e-drums, and that's the only video that actually helped me.

summing track stack track is the track…so the first thing we want to do is get rid of this summing track stack track header track….

Many of my dual-trigger pad sounds like hi-hat shoulder, tom rims, cymbal edges, and cymbal bell sounds don't seem to be coming across midi into Logic Pro X from the V-drum. Surely there must be an easy way to add these sounds to the Logic kit (Bluebird or SoCal for example), split the signal, or otherwise "fix" the problem, but I can't seem to find it in anyone's videos or Logic searches. Any advise you have would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, BTW I love your vids. Thanks for your expertise Dancetech.

You can also try the "Drum Kit Designer Remapper" w/ the stock SCRIPTER FX plugin. It's pretty easy: Just select the Producer Kit, and then select the OVERHEADS track, and choose "Scripter – Drum Kit Designer Remapper." Then just remap your VDrums one-by-one. This allows you to remap and SAVE the incoming note assignments from your VDrums. You can then cycle through Drum Kit Designer and try out the different drums, swap individual drums and cymbals, etc. You can also delve into he javascript to add some parameters, etc. I found this method much easer than this video…although this is an EXCELLENT tutorial, and I think it may have been published before Logic X included this scripter FX plug in with the software 🙂 It's never a bad idea to learn the "long way around" too!

Could I accomplish this with a Roland tm-2?

I am able to change the drum assignment, but the same sounds still come out as before. Has anyone had this problem? I.e D0 output to A#1, still makes the same sound as D0 output to D0

Wow! Everything I've been looking for about Drum Map in Logic Pro plus some very good tips! Great! Thank You!!!

Great tutorial. Unfortunately once I went through the process I couldn't figure out how to save the map. How do I do that?

I'm having trouble with highlighting a section of midi notes in my drum tracks. I don't know if it's an update but it comes up like I'm right clicking it all the time. "Create note' 'Paste in original position' etc etc. Any help on this anybody? Many thanks if so.

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