Why I Stopped Selling EXCLUSIVE BEATS

Why I Stopped Selling EXCLUSIVE BEATS

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Music Producers, I recently stopped offering Exclusive rights and Trackout licences on my beat selling website. Why? Simply put, I was leaving alot of money on the table. Why did I stop selling trackout licenses? It was the combination of an unfortunate incident and once again, leaving too much money on the table. Let’s talk about it.

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Blog Comments

Thank u fam ! – Lil B

This video made a lot of sense. And it changed my direction. This is something I had a question about but could never get a straight answer.


I sold a beat for exclusive rights, dude calls back and said the mixer rearranged a lot of the track is it still my beat? ?

opened my eyes thanks i have a quick question lets say i made a beat using a splice sample can i still use content id ?

Man because of your videos. It made me change how I do everything completely. Just recently I just produced a song overseas with a UK artist and it’s amazed me how far I’ve come personally as a producer. Went from making beats just on a beat machine and thinking that was enough to now about to do several deals with many artists. Thank you! For real!!

Hey man, you what made you start selling trackouts again? I see them available on your website.

thats why i never sold trackouts

The long term play is what a business is about, or at lease a successful one! ?

how do you content id your beats ?

If you can’t mix your vocals to a good quality wav… ya got more issues than a track out lease.

Hey Curtiss I noticed you still have your track outs available on your website… have you had a change of heart?


Leasing gives you more freedom and control over your catalogue. I learned that early on. I’ve had some of my most fire beats be held hostage just because someone was willing to pay me $500 for it. I missed opportunities to send those beats off to higher profile artists and I missed opportunities to lease it and make residual income. Gotta look at the grand scheme of things.

Stay on your business

this business motto is the one that has led to both the destruction and oversaturation of the hip hop genre not to mention the terrible sound quality because hardly anyone follows the proper steps in the production of a song these days. I am hoping you at least rethink this for more career minded artists who are looking for unique sounding beats for their projects. Just create a proper agreement/contract and be sure to register the titles and work with the artists to make sure there is success for the both of you. There are more revenue streams than just streaming for music. How about television or movie placements? Will you turn down that revenue and exclusive usage rights because you are hoping for streaming revenue later while also washing away future opportunities??? Just something to think about, there is a big world of opportunity out there young man.

Curtiss, if you’re worried about making less money off of exclusive beats, why don’t you just sell the exclusives for more?

how can someone hear your beats?

Curtiss King TV  Hey brutha thanks for the info! Quick question though. When a potential buyer purchases the desired stream of audio will that specific stream be taken off the market and be unavailable to others? Or Can multiple buyers purchase the same stream? I'm curious as to how that would work out? Thank you in advance!

Real intelligent advice Curtis. Word

thanks for the vids bro. ive watched ive listened and now i hit the bell this time.. keep up the good work.

stop swinging fam

Great content. Made a lot of sense

how do you upload beats through content id?

Lease it only for a year or 2, then offer exclusively when sales go down.

These “Producers” aren’t “producers” they are more like beatmakers who don’t know how to make songs and that’s why people purchase the TRACK STEMS .. Metro Boomin made thousands of beats for FREE during his come up he preferred to have his name and beats get exposure by the public over momentary monetization, look at him now!!.. producers should honestly just find artists to work with ..

Makes a ton of sense bro…by the way I just subscribed ??

What's going on with the Content ID system now? Seems like the only way is to try to go direct through YouTube to set it up, but they are so scattered with the information. But it has to be 100% YOU on that track, not even royalty free stuff is allowed. I tried to get with AdRev, but they straight shut me down, didn't even write a letter back or anything just rejected my application like they didn't want a damn thing to do with it lol. Airbit (who I use for my store front), should have a system in place pretty soon, but I've heard Beatstars dropped their Content ID setup for their page.

I'm glad I saw this thank you

This will make me sell trackouts for a very higher price

I actually bought fl studio bc you made me think it through lol

Hell ya, well said brotha! That's exactly why I'm weary of buying beats, loops, or sounds online. Because I felt like they were stolen or chopped as it was. All my sounds are made by me, organic sounds or electronic instruments. Thanks for the desisive desicion maker solidifying conclusion. I was sitting on the fence but now I won't purchace shit off people. I rather be completely original, but do I have to copyright each organic sound I make? Lol. Shit that would be alot of work and probably just bog me down………

so now 500 rappers are running around with the same beat… LAME

This is such an important message!

With respect to only offering beats for lase (but also placing the same beats on online streaming services), what version of a beat for leas would you upload to Spotify ify? Tagged o untagged?

How does streaming fit into your business model?

My only thing is…….how do I know if I'm even going to be alive a year from now.

Why not up the price? Say you calculate the price that a beat would make on average in a year and then sell it exclusively for the amount it'd make in say 3 years, you'd be getting the money you deserve. And if no one is willing to pay that amount it's OK, as you would usually not be selling it in the first place. Treat your beats like wine. Old wine isn't expensive because it is better. It's expensive because the people weren't able to make money off it for a couple of years.

one day people will stop leasing your older beats cause they not on that new shit… not selling is tight for a while but you gotta know when to withdraw that exclusive cash

There's another advantage you did not mention:

-When selling your beats exclusively, it may ultimately end in hands of a clumsy dude who will ruin your beat. There is always a factor of joy when somene truly KILLS your beat. The likelihood of this happening greatly increases when the beat is just for lease.

See, if you do it for lease, maybe 15 good dudes out of 100 who use your beats will pop up. Only the good ones will be remembered anyway. Still beats having a single chance and it ending on failure, and also still beats when a single good MC uses it numerically.

Where can i get at video title from

That trackout situation…super real homie! WORD!

You are a pholosipher in your own right Curtis!!

If y'all ain't to busy check out my beat snippets on Instagram leave a comment let me know what you think @SkeetOnTheBeat_010

so you lease the same beat to multiple people? ever have any issues with that ?

Men u on fire with the knowledge keep it coming ??

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