Working With Mac Miller On K I D S, Selling Beats Online in 2018 (Tecknowledgy Interview)

Working With Mac Miller On K I D S, Selling Beats Online in 2018 (Tecknowledgy Interview)

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Selling beats on Beatstars, selling beats online and working with Mac Miller on the KIDS project are all topics Tecknowledgy speaks on in this exclusive interview.

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my beats are better than most top producers, why im homeless? imao.

Ppl really love to respresent the dead. But good content either way

That's crazy. I have a similar setup and similar process. MPC thru Ableton. Drums sound fuller. Did the machine for a min but that stand alone is dope

Appreciate you uploading the full interview. Teck worked with Gravity on Debut Of A Don also I believe.

excellent insight fellas, thank you

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